The Man I Could Have Been-Poem

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The Man I Could Have Been

I see them often looking down, straight out at me, so tied and bound

From pages print or screens harsh light, in dim lit shadow, firelight

I wonder who or what they see, yet fear the most it’s naught but me

For who am I and is it true, that all I have been, is all I’ll be

Is what I‘ve done, the good the bad, all there is for me to have

Is there room or time enough, to ever be someone they’d love

Or is the light just fading fast, setting sun on my morass

Is the man I could have been, the one she might have loved, back then

Is the time to know that love, ever dreamt of, never touched

Come and gone and long since passed, like snowmelt wetness, springs new grass

Yes, I see their faces, sparkling eyes, burning orbs, wide as skies

Silken youth with angels face, tongues of fire, lips of grace

Silky satin, cream of milk, skin like petals free from wilts.

Lacking age yet full of life, seeking lover, mate for life

Without a doubt or future care, having naught but will to share

Life, love, bodies firm, giving all that true men yearn

I see them, dream them, catch their scent, flowers, spice and passions spent

Yet know them, no, I won’t, cannot, for aging dreams in truth live not

The man I am, the man I’m not, the man I yearn to, pray unlock

Is just a man of dreams and thoughts, without a breath, or touch if sought

Naught but wish, desires lost, lovers missed, far oceans tossed

For all the years have swept me past, to write alone, to love them last

For only here from far away, can ever dreams of them portray

Youthful arms in lovers clutch, honest sighs, truths tender touch

Oh the man I should have been, the man I’ve searched for ever since

He’s still inside yet hidden deep, elusive soul who often weeps.

For all the things he’ll never be, never taste and never see

Oh if life or God…or will to be, had let me be, the man I dreamed

Might one day I could but be

With her forever…honestly

(c)2011 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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