Ten Essential Tips For Nail Care

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Nail care is important when it comes to personal grooming of women. Hand care is an important part of daily care routine. The nails have to be kept clean and attractive. Nail polishing is an inevitable art of modern lifestyle as it provides an extra lustrous look to women.

It is an interesting fact that your fingernails absorb water 100 times faster than your skin does and they also lose their moisture very fast which causes dehydration and ragging and drying of cuticles.

Here are some essential tips on nail care which would definitely help all.

1) Regular nail care is an important part of female beauty. Trim your nails regularly and always keep them short. If they are exposed to chemicals, moisture, water, etc, it may result in split peeling nails or allergic reaction. Wear rubber gloves if necessary to protect your nails.

2) Do manicure regularly to avoid shabby look. During manicure apply cuticle softener to remove undesired cuticles. It will be easier for your manicure to do it after your bath or after washing the dishes.

3) After that clean your nails with nail polish remover and then apply nail polish as per your choice, On top of that apply top coat, which will provide an extra look of luster.

4) Take care of the cuticles properly as ragged cuticles are an indication that they are dehydrated and need immediate care. The first step of cuticle care is to apply hand cream or lotion and rub it into the cuticle.

5) You can care your nails blemish-free by regular manicure care. Apply cuticle softener to remove unwanted cuticles. After cleaning your nails with nail polish remover, apply base coat and then apply nail polish as per your choice to ensure long stay of your nail color. Base coat will prevent your nails from staining which can be caused by dark shades of nail colors.

6) Sometimes the cuticles get brittle and hard and it becomes difficult to maintain their smooth and soft look. In such cases remove the nail color, apply cuticle softener on your nails with cotton and leave it for five minutes after which you may remove the cuticle.

7) Once in a while, it is good to warm up some coconut oil and gently massage your cuticles. This will protect from dehydration. Dryness is the number one reason for getting hangnails and damage of cuticles.

8) Use cuticle oil regularly to ensure soft and healthy cuticles. It is a good idea to keep a hand moisturizer in your handbag and use it often, particularly after you wash your hands and also before you go to bed.

9) Over-grooming should be avoided since too much of manicure may damage your cuticles. So also too much exposure to soap water or improper trimming can lead to redness and irritation.

10) Sometimes nail polish, dirt and bacteria can stain the nails and led to diseases. This dirt, etc. can be removed by using a Q-tip or a thin stick with a cotton tip.


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