Why I Support Writers, Bloggers, And Affiliates

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I have come across a wealth of information on the internet.  I have some favorite bloggers, and favorite places to visit.  Carnivals are awesome.  I am a free-time writer.  I write on anything that interests me at the time.  Like right now.  I have learned more on the internet than I ever did in school. I owe it to the little people.  I have a successful garden on my patio and have a love for growing my own food, which never would have happened without the tips I found on people’s blogs and articles. 

But at the same time, I avoided using the same people’s affiliate links.  Why?  I have no idea.  If I buy something from a huge company that makes billions, why do I want to go around the person who took the time to recommend it to me?  Why do I need them to get a billion + $2.00?

Without these freelance writers, I may never had known the product existed.  Without them, I could have bought something of low quality.  I print out coloring sheets for the kids, and never consider the time that was put into drawing that coloring page. 

Being a writer, it feels good when someone reads what you wrote.  But knowing someone actually benefitted from what you wrote is an even better feeling. 

This is why I click adsense ads.  It is my way of thanking them for taking the time to write.  I may not buy anything, but if I come across a great recipe, I will click an ad of something I may be interested in.  Partially as a “Thanks”, and sometimes it is a gateway to more knowledge.  Either way, when I used to go out of my way to buy products from an affiliate to support “the little guy”. 

Encouraging people to write expands your knowledge and solves problems.  If the person who discovered penicillin just used it as his own personal knowledge, where would we be?  I always try to include my recommendations on my articles and blogs.  It is convenient for the reader.  I personally recommend amazon, it is no haggle, quick, and you usually get a great price. 

So, every time a writer makes a few bucks off of me, it is my way of buying them a coffee, and encouraging them to tell me more.  I support originality and quality.  Support small writers.  Everyone has knowledge to share, and one of them may change your life one day.


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