Casino Cashed Out

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Casino Cashed Out 
I cashed out at the Casino
My chips I was told were no good anymore to anyone
I walked around the lobby in shock and questioned how crazy
high their power bill must be
till life and the desire for an answer passed me by
I truly did 
If you dont believe me ask the concierge
We talked for awhile about Chai tea and J.D. Salinger
A mutual interest of ours
He saw the polyester suit men take me gruffly away
Yet he didn't help me escape them 
But it is important to say
He will remember me because I tipped him fairly well
At 4am I pretended not to notice myself
And suspending belief 
I staggered back into the fray
Aghast in cocoa flavored alabaster
Wishing for serotonin through a straw and a easy iced cola
I pictured this for posterity's sake
In blocked and blunt fingered tired font
Written on or about my person were several broken phrases
These phrases gave credit to my conspiracy theory
A Henry Foolish manifesto
A lark of sorts transcribed with sharpee precision
Like houndstooth across my camp shirt chest
at 5:45am
Over our buffet breakfast
my friend said I was deep and most deeply disturbed as well
I said meet me at the 1 dollar slots
and share my cerebellum's ills
She did not; 
but back to what it was I wrote
I wrote: "Above the jagged peaks 
and perils of indulgence
and beneath the random 
and rusty gears of success,
looms the jackpot we have all wished for and yet tragically missed"
and so there it is
I know that many noticed
They had to have heard my shouts mingle with the jingaling 
of random winnings 
and the roar of a man out of time 
7:30amcame with the morning sun's trumpet call
and I wondered why I had came
but I continued on
Change of shirt
and the misplacement of my better judgment
I asked for a line of ill-deserved credit
with the quick shaking of my fist
J.K. "the brisk one" Bradford

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