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There’s is always that one person you come across in a lifetime that seems as if everything comes easy to them, and you want to be around them because they vibrate with so much life.

I have a cousin like that. He can charm little girls, fat ugly women, and crazy old women.  I remember how he bought his soon to be mother-n-law a dress. We drove over to her house, and he gave it to her. She takes it and lays it against her thin frame and her whole face lit up. I remember looking at her: She was missing teeth and she was scrawny and look like she had lead a hard life, but for that moment she was happy and looking beautiful as she clutched her new dress.  He makes you feel really special, even if you feel stupid and lack luster. He takes the time to ask you questions and waits for a reply. You raise your head a little higher and feel a little better. Everything is going to be all right.

He is also a little bit slick. Let me tell you a story about the one time I went to visit him. I want mention his name, because I still love my cousin to death. I flew to his side of the country, and he met me at the airport. It was wintertime; since I was from California I came without a jacket. It never got cold enough in California for me to need one.  It was snowing, and I could see the white snow covering the airport roof, and the ground around it. I met my cousin at the baggage claim he tells me,” I have a gift for you.” He pulls out a brand new leather jacket with fur on the collar. It was a little large but it fitted perfectly. How many people thought. Hey, I need to buy a coat because it’s cold? Most people think it, but the majority will not go out and buy a jacket for someone just because someone visits. He had a tendency to do the unexpected.

At his home he offered me a glass a wine, and when his soon to be wife came home she went through the closet to find a few bottles missing, and asked me about it. Hell, I did not know we were drinking the wine for the wedding! He did stuff like that. I am still shaking my head about the time his friends and I were hanging out at his place late at night drunk and horsing around. This dude reaches over and pulls a “single” hair out of my nose!! I had one long hair that I had to keep plucked, and he zeroed in on it perfectly and snatches it out. That is just plan sick,cuz! It was also embarrassing.

Also learned to make sure he has money before you start ordering things off the menu. When he picked me up at the airport, he tells me he has a friend that owns a great restaurant. We go over there, and he is pointing at all the good food on the menu, and starts ordering. When the bill comes around, he says,” I don’t have any money.”  Out of four people sitting at the table, only two of us had cash. Guess who.

The way he thinks is more on the analytical side. He loved to play chess, and often entered into chess contest. I played him one time, and in about 3 moves he had me in a checkmate. His thinking process I could term was often slated. He would read the bible, and come up with some pretty weird stuff. Remember that saying about you can take the horse to the water..? Well, he added his own twist to it, cannot remember exactly what he said but it was so twisted I still to this day think about it.  Cousin was an atheist, I have found over educated people on the Internet have a tendency to lean that way. Anyways, one to many.

I have not known my cousin that long, but it was like we were soul mates, and hit it off from the start. He was very intuitive and I think he saw things, most people did not understand about me. He did not care (in a sense) what other people thought. Like me, he has been going to college for years. Unlike me, he has completed a bachelor degree, and probably several master degrees. When he writes me, I can feel him vibrating with life for all the things he wants to achieve in his future. I get a double shot of energy, to make things happen. You got to have the energy and drive to make anything happen in life.

I can picture him producing a film somewhere in Hollywood, or vacationing in some rugged place in Mexico, hanging out with the locals. Always, it seems he has a picture in his mind of who I am.  Maybe it’s a picture of who I am supposed to be. I think he is toward the beginning of this new journey, will I be there? Don’t know.

Love Ya Cuz, Thanks for always thinking about me

Rebecca P.


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