Dallas Super Bowl Party: Hooters to Dicks Last Resort

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How to party in Dallas Texas if you plan to come for the Super Bowl

I guess the first thing to note is that the Super Bowl will not be played in Dallas.  It will be played in the nearby city of Arlington in a stadium some have dubbed “Jerry World” or the “Death Star”.   Jerry Jones paid a pretty penny to build a monument to himself and that’s where the Super Bowl will be held.  Since the Dallas Cowboys stank on ice this year, they will not be in it.

Super Bowl, events, parties and gatherings will be held all over the DFW region.   DFW stands for Dallas/Fort Worth.

A lot of events will be held at or near a district of down town Dallas called the West End.  If you read through the itinerary of Super Bowl events a West End club called Zouk figures prominently in several of them.   Some folks think that the amount of partying that will be going on will make for dense and difficult traffic in the West End.  Those of you who are don’t want to face wall to wall cars and exorbitant parking fees are in luck.   There’s a new train in town called the Green Line.  It goes right past Zouk and right through down town.  There are other trains like the Red, the Orange and Blue Lines that you can buy a ticket for and jump on in the same vicinity.

The Green Line is not far from places like the Dallas Art Museum.

If you want to see a bit of color in the day time before the parties get started, ride the Green Line to the Pearl Station stop.  Get out and go the Plaza of the Americas mall there.  If you go inside the mall at around noon on a sunny day, the prisms embedded in the windows will throw rainbows all over  the floors and walls.    As you stand on balcony, you may see children sliding across the ice below you on a skating rink built into the center of the mall.  As you lift your eyes from ice you may see plants from the hanging gardens overflowing the terraces that climb up the sides of the building.

There are the obligatory see through elevators if you really must put all this in motion.

The mall is not far from the Sheraton Dallas and the Marriott.  There are any number of shops and a food court in the mall itself.

If you can talk your way onto the upper floors of one of the downtown luxury hotels, be sure to bring a camera.  You will want a photo of the panorama of the city of Dallas.

When you are finally ready to head back to the West End, some other places you will want to check out are The House of Blues, Hooters, Dick’s Last Resort, The Butcher Shop Steakhouse, and the Dallas World Aquarium.  There is a Sushi place near the aquarium if staring at live fish makes you hungry.


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