How To Treat Sinusitis With Herbs

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Sinusitis usually makes your face hurt. You will experience tenderness and pain around your nose and eyes. You will see green mucus. It can be very painful to deal with. You will feel pain behind your eyes and in your forehead. It also will feel painful if you bend over to pick up something. There are some great herbs to use for sinusitis. Here is what you should do if you find yourself dealing with it.

Cat’s claw is great for fighting off a bacterial infection. You will need something to help you fight it off. Also cat’s claw can reduce inflammation, which will help to reduce some pain.

You will be very congested if you have sinusitis. Use horehound to get rid of this congestion and help to clear up your head from the mucus build up. Try horehound in tea form.

Another way to successfully get rid of nasal congestion is to use thyme tea. It is important to treat the congestion so that you can feel better and your head will hurt less.

A great way to treat a bacterial or viral infection is to use osha. Osha acts as both an antibacterial and antiviral so that you can fight off the infection.

Yet another great herbal remedy for congestion in your nasal passages is elderberry. Use Elderberry to help break up this congestion that is causing you pain.

Anise is great for getting rid of congestion also. Use anise tea and you will feel better soon.


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