Herbal Cures For A Ringworm

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A ringworm is a type of infection from a fungus. You will know it by it’s round shape. I have only had one ringworm and they spread from person to person like crazy. The fungus can be found in community showers and locker rooms. It is the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot and jock itch.

Be very careful if you find out that you have a ringworm. If you can avoid touching the ringworm, you will greatly decrease the chances of having it spread to others. Also, keep people informed that you have one so they can be extra careful not to touch that area of your skin.  As you know, herbs are great at getting rid of fungus and infections. Use these herbs if you ever get a ringworm.

Pau d’ arco can be used to greatly increase your body’s defense against infections. Use pau d’ arco for boosting your immune system. Pau d’ arco is also great for killing fungus. You will want to use this herb because it will get rid of your ringworm fast.

Use a walnut leaf compress over the ringworm. This will help to dry it up. That will make the fungus’ living environment not so fun. Apply a walnut leaf compress to help keep skin from oozing an liquids that may come out of the ringworm.

Tea tree oil is a great antifungal. You can buy tea tree oil and apply it directly to your ringworm. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to dilute the tea tree oil first because it’s very strong.

Another great antifungal to apply directly to the ringworm is oregano oil. If you apply oregano oil to your ringworm, it can kill the fungus causing the ringworm.


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