Excerpt: Safe Haven

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Nothing moved except the glints off broken christmas lights that framed dark and dirty windows and Angela felt their tension grow as the wind picked up, whining uneasily. They rolled slowly over pieces of the twisted, rusting, airport gates, the row of fuel tankers the first thing they saw. Directly ahead and all the way in the back.

“We’ll be checking ports from now on. Never even thought about it.”

“Yeah. Makes sense. Have to have normal fuel for their trucks and things.” The two men looked over what they could see and when they were near the middle of the huge lot, Kyle held up a hand.

“Stop here.” Angela kept her foot on the blazer’s brake as the two jeeps flanked her and she tried to see what they did.

   Two long, empty, grassy runways, a large, dark, unpleasant feeling, main terminal building with a lot of shadowy doorways. Three big, faded, red and white passenger planes lined up near the fuel tankers like forgotten toys, and numerous small outbuildings and vehicles, most damaged. There were also charred places on the weedy concrete, an overturned security car in front of a burnt out frame of a city transit bus, and she saw the two Eagles exchange worried looks.

“We need more men.”

“But they’ll run a..”

“We cannot secure an area this size with only 8 Eagles.” Kyle’s voice was firm and Neil handed him the mic, letting the guard do his job.

“Four to Base. We have 6, a3’s and need drivers, plus 2 full levels for security. Someone is on the way back to meet you from where we left.”

“Copy, Four. Cars seven, ten, fourteen, and twenty one are on the way.” Angela watched the jeep to her right turn back, able to feel their relief at having more men coming but she wasn’t sure what they were so worried about. Yes, there was a bad feeling here but it was mostly like the other places she’d been. Empty. ‘Are you sure?’ The Witch question quietly and she frowned, shaking her head. No, she wasn’t. After the call, she’d forced the power back into it’s cage, scared of the camp finding out and except when she with Adrian, she hadn’t used it at all in two days. These waves were coming to her, just something new she could hear now.

“What is it?” She closed her eyes at the question, concentrating, but there was only darkness and the rustle of her jeans was loud in the silence as she shifted restlessly.

“Something might not be right here.”

“What?” She opened her eyes, not letting them see how glassy they were as she turned to look at the driver on their left.

“Not sure yet.” The redhead nodded, turning off his engine, and she did the same. The silence was thick as they waited, listening to the total nothing around them.

“The kids are here. I got them to come.” She said suddenly. “Don’t let anyone shoot. They’re not the danger you feel.” She flipped off the safety on both guns with a smooth movement and the two men exchanged looks again, thinking of their conversations with Adrian and the Eagles. Definitely not the same as the other women.

“I can’t wait. They’re about to run. Still too many of us.” The two Eagles saw a single shadow near the planes as Angela opened her door.

 “Stay here for a minute so she doesn’t take off. That’s our soon-to-be mom. Try not to get out until you have to and I’ll be quick.” She closed the door on their protests and both men were relived,(and instinctively jealous) when Seth got out and fell in on her right, wasn’t sent back. Neil hit the button on his belt.

“She never leaves our sight!” The redheaded Eagle nodded at the hissed order and Angela didn’t hear but sensed the doors on both sides of the blazer opening slightly just in case they wanted out fast.

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