Excerpt: Chapter One, The Survivors

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The trio tensed at a close, loud bang that echoed from the West but when a second shot didn’t come, the men went back to their bottle and the dirty blond went back to her desperate plans. She was a fighter. She just needed to stack the battle. 

    Closing her eyes, Sam inhaled deeply. Definitely snow to start the New Year and probably before morning. Could it help her? Maybe. If she manipulate things a little. Right now, the two men were drinking heavily and set to stay up late and wake up even later. What would they do upon rising to a foot of snow on the ground? She frowned. They would take the way they’d cleared to get this far and return to the other end of the overpass, to the deserted farmhouse they’d stayed in last night. They’d hole up and wait out the weather, even though they were only an hour from moving the last of the abandoned vehicles out of their way, and then they’d be out of the Bonnervile City limits, an ugly place full of the dead and the wails of those who wished they were too. The thought of being snowed in with the horny, alcoholic idiots filled her gut with hot fire. No way. She’d cut her own throat open on a rock first.

     Sam’s sigh was quiet, mind working the problem as her stomach burned. She’d always been a plan ahead kind of person but who the hell could have prepared for this? What she needed was for the shiftless drunks to go to bed now and get up ready to go on before the snow got bad. It would put them all out in it together and might give her an opportunity to escape. 

‘You know how, don’t you?’ Her mind questioned and she shuddered, drawing in a deep breath. Yes, she did, but she didn’t want to, couldn’t stand even the thought of being the one who started it, let alone having to participate, pretend she was willing. What she really needed was a weapon. It would be easier to kill them both than to act like she she wanted them.

     The shivering blond had just finished persuading herself she had to at least try, aching to think of possible help at the Essix’s compound being so close and yet so far away, but she would do what she had …

“Pop-Pop-Pop!” The sound of engines and tires squealing followed the loud gunshots, echoing from the total darkness to the South. Close by. Coming their way?

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