Getting the Best Television Education in Your City

Most colleges and schools have an age requirement.  But to learn television, you probably just need to be fourteen, fifteen or sixteen years old.  (Many producers there are older, but you can get your start while you are still in school).

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to your school and tell the guidance counselor or teacher that you would like to be an intern at one of the local studios and you would like to get high school or college credit for volunteering there. If your school has a program like this, your teacher or guidance counselor can give you all the information you need to begin your career while you are still in school.
  2. Contact the studio that you are interested in working at and tell them that you are with the intern program at your school and that you would like to volunteer for some of their shows or to work behind the scenes.
  3. You might need to get working papers.  If this is the case, go to the building that issues these papers and you have your head start.
  4. Once you have those papers, you are ready to go.

Follow the instructions that your teacher, guidance counselor or your television mentor gives you.  That is how you begin in television, even if you are under age.

Now, if you are older, you can begin too.  Tell the community access television organizer that you want to become a certified producer at their studio.  Follow their instructions to be certified.  Most times, you will have to attend a two-hour or more orientation, and then later you will have to prove your address and your identification.  You, most likely will have to have a utility bill in your own name or have a notarized letter stating that you live at a particular address. The reason for all these rules is because at most community stations, you have to live in the community, in that local community in order to use their equipment and in order to become certified for any work inside the studio.

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