Saab-2025 Car

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Korean Student-designer Youngho Jong finds ways to follow the formation of brand Saab together with its own conceptual car in 2025 – an evil, 4 door sedan, the style of prompting the heap. Of course, I wonder how a guy apply their knowledge about nature and human psychology, to invent a car, and why this ceremony looks so sinister

 However, the aim Jong, not much, he bought a diploma or graduated from Milan’s Institute of Design, was a study of Kara, who was able to warn other drivers of impending danger. By means of its finding within 50% of accidents involving vehicles happen inadvertently, due to excessive speed and the desire to be first.

  Jong tried to make a car that would constantly prompting drivers need to be the most keepers and prudent with respect to other accomplices of road travel. For example, as soon come to a concept punishment in 2025 too close, then through specialized gap, drop down in the back, begin to glow light amber color, which as we approach the threat becomes reddish. Perhaps similar warning device are integrated into the front and side panels. In addition also to ensure the security of the projects provide a fire escape as easy as possible impacts, to leave the car and then automatic quench car in person. It seemed Moreover, some fraction of the body ready occulted when the car will be in an unsafe proximity to the neighbor on the clot. So of course the original for the auto industry Jong techniques borrowed from fiery salamanders, which uses its own clear, color threatens to scare off potential predators.

 However, the designer in addition mentions that the body is covered with a special punishment pliable matrix scrap that can absorb energy and reduce the trauma of pedestrians and cars at the defect level conflict.

 Anyway the whole, this is too original and unique solution to the difficulties, with whom any driver faces every day. And perhaps in the fact that these technologies are not so distant future will be seen on production models, not very difficult to believe. Finally, the official view about the brand management of the diverse studies as long as ignorant.


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