Herbal Remedies For Pain

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Pain can come in all forms and levels. There might be a burning sensation or throbbing. Sometimes people may experience chronic pain, but they are not sure of the cause. There are so many things that can cause pain to our bodies. A level one pain might be a small cut that is barely noticeable. A level ten pain is natural child birth or a kidney stone. Here are some great herbal remedies to use for relief from pain.

Echinacea is a great natural pain reliever. It is most commonly used for a great deal of pain. People may use this to ease pain from a disease that they have.

If your pain is in the form of nausea, stomach cramps, or any pain in your stomach area, use meadowsweet in order to get rid of this kind of pain. Meadowsweet works great on pain in your abdomen.

If you have inflammation, which is normally a sign of infection, use turmeric in order to get rid of this. Turmeric is effective on pain from inflamed areas.

Willow bark is great for relieving pain. Use caution when taking willow bark. It should not be taken along side of aspirin. You can take willow bark with any of these herbs listed here though.

If you want to relieve pain and protect yourself from infection at the same time, use pau d’ arco. Pau d’ arco is an antibacterial that gets rid of pain also. Protect yourself from bacterial infections.

If it is bed time and you are in so much pain that you find it hard to go to sleep, use kava. Kava can both relieve pain and help you sleep.

Another great way to reduce pain is to use cayenne. Cayenne can be added to any meal or taken in capsule form.


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