Is Triond Run by a Robot?

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  Evidence lately has been piling about Triond’s not human like interactions, and has led me to believe that it isn’t run by a human, but a robot. The first point is the speed of which Triond accepts or denies your article. When I first joined Triond back in August ’10, Triond took several days to accept my articles, perhaps because it was read carefully by a human, then that person made the decision whether or not it is accepted. Recently, I posted an article for publishing and it took literally 10 seconds before it was published. I highly doubt that a human could do this, considering that it takes time for the article to get to their computer first. My theory is that a scanner checks for misspelled words, offensive language and for duplicate copies all within seconds, and if it is all good that article is accepted.

  Secondly, when posting a question in their blog it is often ignored, but if not there is a brief comment made. These comments often only apply to concerns regarding pay and there is nothing unique about them. All of the comments are the same, almost as if from a template. My theory for this is that the robot has enough technology to comprehend what the person is asking (considering that we have enough technology to split apart atoms, we can go to the moon, and have scientists to do just about anything), and then uses a template to reply to the comment using the persons account information.

  Thirdly, it is close to impossible to contact Triond. They have no email or phone to contact, and the only way to get help is through a help section with FAQ. When posting a question to their blog, Triond often does not reply unless it is directly related to the article, which I talked about in the previous paragraph. My theory for this is simple, you cannot contact a robot. This robot does not have the technology to answer complex questions without diverting you to a FAQ.

  Finally, the Triond has been publishing significantly less articles to their blog, and the only ones that they publish now are ones that are for monthly pay and a new bonus special, which also follow a common template. My theory for this is that monthly, the Triond robot automatically posts a blog entry for the pay, and an additional entry every other month informing us what the special bonus is. Perhaps all of this is a coincidence, but I think not.


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