Aliens – Extraterrestrail Biological Entities

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By listening the Word Aliens we use to think the creatures shown in Species 1,2,3 Movie. Yes u are right they are the Aliens. Actually they are one type of Aliens which hurts Humans they are lot Aliens species in our whole Universe. These things are well known by NASA, but they are not revealing it because of people’s security, if they reveal it to public they will be so scared and that will lead to increase in pressures on Government to take action on them.

Let me tell you some facts about Aliens As far as scientists know about Aliens till now are, Some of the Alien creatures are the very talented 100 times greater than Humans they have advanced technology they use to travel in “Flying Saucers” What are these Flying Saucers ??? This is the travelling device developed by Aliens which is functioned through Nuclear Energy, using Nuclear energy for travelling is not the simple thing, For us to create a Nuclear weapon it will take so many years, but Aliens are developing these things very easily, i think Aliens developing these technology is because of source of Nuclear Elements on other planets like Mars. There are lot of Alien experiences on Earth right from the Egyptians Time.

In the Egyptain Books and paintings they have drawn some pictures of some creatures which resemblemin Aliens, Scientists got a doubt Pyramids are constructed by Egyptains or Aliens ???? Why this question is arraised, let me tell you about it, Pyramids are the structures with an Perfect Geometry, If this is possible in Ancient times they should know well about Mathematics they should know about the value of Zero, but as for the records there is no evidence that Egyptains know Mathemetics, without knowing Mathematics Pyramid constructions are immpossible, So scientists guessing that Pyramids are constructed by Aliens, Why Aliens constructed Pyramids?? What is the reason ??? Scientists are working on it………Let us wait for the results

Coming to Aliens, some of the Scientists say that Aliens are so kind enough if we wont hurt them, they have a sense of telepathy, that means Aliens can guess what we think, Aliens are short about 5 feet in height with long fingers, with Eyes, small nose their sounds are really unique.

By studying this Article u will get some doubts

 What Aliens eat ?

 What Language they speak ?

 How Aliens got that much Talent ?

 Why they are coming to Earth ?

I will give nice interpretation in my future Articles. Thank You


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