Buck Rogers in The 25Th Century: A Dream of Jennifer

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: A Dream of Jennifer was the 18th show of the first season, and it’s one that provided some romance for Buck (Gil Gerard).  The action in that regard starts early when he sees the mirror image of his girlfriend from 500 years ago.  Naturally, he becomes obsessed with finding her.

It takes some doing, but the resourceful Buck tracks down the woman, whose name is Leila.  Naturally, there’s not really a connection to Buck’s beloved Jennifer, and there is danger to be overcome.

What works is Anne Lockhart’s portrayal of Leila.  She’s a competent actress and did a good job of showing but strength and vulnerability.  On the other hand, she and Buck get a little too close, too fast.  That’s typical of this kind of hour long drama, however.

The best part of the show was the last scene.  There is this hysterical bit that does a play on the movie Jaws.  I won’t write it out because it’s better when heard, but pay close attention to the dialog that Twiki delivers.  It is such a hoot.  With the intensity of everything that came before it, this bit of levity was just what the show needed to end on a high note.


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