Effects of Poverty on Children

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Poverty is the state of being poor.  More than half of our world population are very poor, living on less than $2.50 a day!

Nearly 30,000 children die every day due to poverty.  Poverty effects children adversely even before they are born.  During pregnancy poor woman would not have had nutritious food and would not have had adequate prenatal care.  This effects the growth of the child in her womb.  As a result of that children born into poor families are generally weak and suffer due to various diseases.  The also lack medical facilities.

Children born in the poor families generally develop inferiority complex as they tend to compare themselves with other children of their age.  This has a huge negative impact on their personality.  Poor children remain uneducated due to the inability of their parents to bear their school expenses.  It is also observed that teenagers from poor families are more likely to get addicted to alcohol and drugs.  They are also more likely to embrace the world of crime and indulge in risky sexual behavior.  Poor teenage girls without a strong moral foundation are more likely to take up prostitution.  

There are also instances of children from poor families becoming successful in life.  Their circumstances would have developed in them qualities required to succeed in life like determination, focus and persistence.  World famous composer Beethovan is one such example.  But unfortunately these cases are very rare.  

Governments all over the world should formulate adequate policies to take care of children born into poor families. 


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