How Quickly Passion Turns to Pain!

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28 Sep 1994

Designed by a passion,

as intense as an exploding volcano,

her life ignited at a glimpse of his image.

The magnificence of his aura, glowed

like a raging forest fire

and ever shall dwell in the loom of her mind.

She melted at the hand of her lover,

like candle wax beneath a flame.

A brief intrigue.


her life with him,

as perfect as a red rosebud,

wilted within every desire.

Black rain,

as mystical as faith,

flooded her meaning as he planed,

like debris upon suspended ice,

forever beyond her blue.


10 Oct 1994


as raw as fire,

explodes through her chest.

She is consumed by its naked force,

blinded by its intense rage.

Every sense of caution,


remaining as dangerous ash.

Lightening bolts of ecstasy

burn at her soul

cremating her essence.

Time is too brief

to efface the night

of desire


through crude coveting

connecting mortal appetites.


20 Oct 1994

An acid bath

for your skin, I furnish;

An aroma of ether

for your scent, I haze;

A boisterous scream

in your mind, I echo;

An illusion of dread

in your eyes, I angle;

An extract of dire

in your throat, I drive;

You cannot escape my talons of steel,

You cannot subdue my mind of conviction,

You are my hostage,

You ARE my life!


28 Oct 1994

When it hurts so bad to run and hide,

When you cry incessant and shrivel your pride;

When continuation is so disbelieving,

When the need for love overwhelms our being;

When your life is spinning

When your thoughts are dimming

When your hope is dry

When your heart no longer can try;

Don’t give up,

unless you want to die;

When water never flows through your river so thirsty,

When the sun never sets in your desert-like world dusty;

When your strength is feeble and you weaken your hold,

when a breeze never whispers on your life once gold;

When your blistered skin peels

When your wounds strip naked

When your eyes have not tears

When your touch only steals;

Don’t give up,

Fight for your deal;

-If all else fails,

Crawl deep in the earth,

For there you will find

Death only to lurk!



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