Buck Rogers in The 25Th Century: Time of The Hawk

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Time of the Hawk was the first episode of the second season of this early 80’s TV series.  The show was one of many that were delayed by an industry strike.  When it did return, there were a lot of changes over the first season.

The first year took place on Earth, but now the action is aboard a shuttle called The Searcher.  It’s a retread from the Battlestar Galactica series.

Gone from the cast was Tim O’Connor as Dr. Elias Huer.  He didn’t even get a mention.  He’s essentially replaced by Wilfrid Hyde-White as the rambling scientist, Dr. Goodfellow.  He’s fun to watch, but I miss O’Connor’s more fatherly performance.

William Conrad’s powerful narration is gone as well, and that was just sad.  That man had one of the best voices for television.

Erin Gray’s Wilma is more womanly.  Her first scene has her in an outfit that was definitely depicted her curves and such.

One of the worst things they did was alter Twiki’s voice.  Mel Blanc was out and Bob Elyea in; that is, until fan protests brought Blanc back towards the end.  Thank goodness because this Twiki voice is rotten.

Also added to the cast was Thom Christopher as Hawk, a half man, half hawk being.  Most of this first show is dedicated to his character.  Frankly, he bored me then and he bores me now.  There was way too much time given to him in this hour.

Series star Gil Gerard gives a Perry Mason-like speech at the end that is pretty good, and I was amused by Gray’s jealous swagger in that first scene when she finds Buck with a female crew member.  Those were the best scenes.


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