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A very good website which lets you grade your resume with respect to certain predefined industry standards and helps you suggest ways to improve the same. What’s more it is absolutely free. It is a three step process; first of uploading your resume, second of choosing your goal of getting the resume graded and the last step involves the grading itself.

All you need to do is upload your resume to the website and just click on ‘get your rezscore’. It will instantly give out the result ranging from grade A to D, with A being the best and D being the worst. It also gives a percentage score on the brevity, impact and depth of your resume.

It also gives you tips for improvement and lists down the strongest words in the resume which really adds value to your resume. People wanting to go for additional resume services have the option of talking to an expert over phone or chat. They also offer detailed reports on your resume and even rewrite it for you upon your request. These additional services, though, are not free but they charge a fee for the same.

A site which helps job-seekers especially freshers who have little or no experience of preparing a resume. This grading will certainly help them in knowing if their curriculum vitae can compete with the others or does it required an overhauling!


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