Why Cats Are Kept in a Cage?

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Do you like cats? Do you like small animals?
Do you know why the number of kittens in a cage, too?
In our city’s pet market, often see some animals are kept in a cage, waiting for people to select, purchase.
I do not know they come from? How to be locked up in a cage?
Some days ago, I went to this market, this time, I saw a cat and some cute kittens! These beautiful kittens staring eyes, looking to the outside – the same as they were in a cage.
And I also learned that the kitten is sold to restaurants! Sold to the restaurant is doing? One can imagine! Ah, terrible!
I took out my camera, I want to shoot them down.
When I take pictures, cat looked at me curiously, seems to have nothing to say to me the same. At that time, it is where such animals, is clearly a child, a sensible child. The sensible child to look at me like this adults. Oh, how cute! And how pathetic ah!
At this time, it was over, the management of the market; he stopped me taking pictures ……
My appeal is that we love these little animals; care of them, but also care for our humanity! 



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