The Best of Disney World Orlando on Your First Time Out

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If you’re considering visiting Disney World, Orlando come summer, you could be forgiven if you’re wondering about how you are ever going to fit the four theme parks, two water parks and countless other smaller attractions into one visit. If this is your first trip to Walt Disney World, you probably want to hit all of the best attractions, the best must-see draws right away. That would be the best way to use your first visit to start off. Once you have notched up visits to every one of Disney World’s latest and greatest attractions, you can begin to take in the more niche attractions. To start off though, you want to make sure that you have the time to visit the stuff that Disney World is famous through the world for.

Let’s start off with the center of the Disney World, Orlando universe, Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain in Tomorrowland inside Magic Kingdom, has been around for about 35 years now, intact in basic concept. The futuristic indoor roller coaster has seen a major update to its character this past year, and it’s now better and more future-leaning than ever before. They have it themed to look like a rocket trip now. Your carriage goes past the launching stage, past mission control and then to the launching point. The rest of the trip is all about traveling through the stars. All very exciting, and an important part of the Disney World experience.

Magic Kingdom’s Celebrate You Parade  passing through Main Street USA every afternoon at 3 has been a Disney World mainstay for decades. It has the famous Cinderella chariot, all the world’s most loved Disney characters singing and dancing – it’s a general celebration of all that is fun.

As an experience that is a complete feast to the senses, SpectoMagic in Magic Kingdom every night is a parade of light. The entire environment lights up with millions of points of light in all colors. The sound and light show lives up to the Disney name. Light and sound are a big theme to Disney’s creations today. Wishes is a fireworks spectacular that unfolds to actually tell a story up in the sky. It’s a story about Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio’s Blue Fairy, and it’s an experience like you’ve never seen.

In Epcot, Sorin’ over California is a great flight simulator that takes you on a make-believe hang glider ride over the Golden State. The cutest part of the ride is where having soared through Napa Valley and the coasts and having been sprayed with the right natural fragrances at the right times, you come to ride over Disneyland in Anaheim.

Disney World, Orlando still has every favorite well-loved feature of Main Street USA intact, and perhaps the most unsung parts of Disney World are the ones that touch us the most.


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