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Best free java ide – Eclipse and NetBeans

Eclipse is an integrated development environment free scalable, universal and versatile for creating development projects implementing any programming language . Eclipse IDE is mainly written in Java (using the library graph SWT , of IBM ), and this language, through specific libraries, is also used to write extensions.

The specificity of the Eclipse IDE is because of its architecture fully developed around the concept of plugin (in accordance with standard OSGi ): All features of this workshop have developed software as a plug-in.

Several commercial software is based on free software such as IBM Lotus Notes 8 , IBM Symphony or WebSphere Studio Application Developer  such Best free java ide.

Eclipse is a development environment available. The project was initiated by IBM to replace, using Java , the IDE Visual Age , based on Smalltalk . From the outset of the project, IBM wanted to offer a multi-platform, can run on different operating systems to its customers. Similarly, the project was intended extensible through plugins. In November 2001, Eclipse as open source software, sees the day, carried by a group of companies. The Eclipse Foundation was incorporated in January 2004 to ensure its development.

The name is a pun: the creator of Java is Sun (in French : “sun” ), IBM competitor seems to ” trump “.

The progress of Eclipse can be seen in a video connection synthetic one .

In June 2007, version 3.3 seems called Europa. 310 developers in 19 countries have written 17 million lines of code that composes it. This version is officially 21 projects.

Version 3.5 called Galileo, published in June 2009 is also this time internal 33 projects ranging from modeling to performance analysis. More than 380 members from 44 different organizations have contributed to the development of this version with 24 million lines of code 2 . Six versions of test and evaluation, called Milestone had already appeared, the first in August 2008, the second in September 2008 and November 2008 and December 2008, and the last in February 2009 and March 2009.

Version 3.6 , called Helios, was released in June 2010, is available in 12 packages, according to the uses for development ( C / C + + , JavaScript , PHP ,…). It is based on 77 projects 3 . The main changes identified include 4  : A new package suited to development in C / C + + ) into the environment operating system Linux , a new management plugins , support for Git , support for the latest developments in Java (including Servlet 3.0, JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0, EJB 3.1), improved support JavaScript (by establishing a framework for integrating debuggers like Firebug or Rhino), Eclipse 1.0 Xtext (to create environment-specific languages Domain Specific Languages, DSL -), a new version of Acceleo 3.0 (OMG Model-to-text-MTL-).

The next annual version, called Indigo, is expected in June 2011. It will assist in the development plan ( Release ) followed since June 2007, which provides annual release in June and two intermediate versions, positioned in September and February.

Best free java ide – NetBeans

NetBeans is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), placed in open source by Sun in June 2000 under CDDL and GPLv2 ( Common Development and Distribution License ). In addition to Java, NetBeans also support various other languages, including Python , C , C + + , JavaScript , XML , Ruby , PHP and HTML . It includes all the features of a modern IDE (editor in color, plans multi-language , refactoring , editor graphical interfaces and web pages).

Developed in Java, NetBeans free java ide is available under Windows , Linux , Solaris (on x86 and SPARC ), Mac OS X version or in an independent operating systems (requiring a Java virtual machine). A Java Development Kit JDK is required for developments in Java.

NetBeans is also a platform that enables the development of specific applications (library Swing (Java) ). The IDE is based on the NetBeans platform.

Both Eclipse and Netbeans are leading best free java ide and has following features

The editor offers integrated functions of completion, syntactic and semantic checks, warnings and advice, recovery code (refactoring: renaming, methods, classroom management, …), backup and recovery.

It supports all major languages following three  :

Java (Java SE 4 , Java ME 5 , Java FX 6 , Java EE 7 ), Javadoc ;

Ruby and Ruby on Rails 8 : Ruby 1.9, Ruby on Rails 3, JRuby 1.4;

Groovy and Grails 9  ;

PHP (with Zend and Symfony environments) 10  ;

JavaScript 11  ;

·         C , C + + , Fortran 12 . Netbeans does not require the use of a particular compiler. Note the support libraries Qt platforms supported include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris

·         Python

·         HTML , XHTML , RHTML

·         XML

·         DTD

·         CSS

·         JSP , JSF

·         ERB


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