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When we began affiliate marketing we want the best the market can give us, the biggest is the pay check, so do we need to think big? Not at first. I have 3 steps that you can use as a guide to help you gain success in Affiliate Marketing. You will need to be able to put in a lot of hard work with many hours and you must be dedicated at reaching your goals.

By starting off using these 3 steps that will guide you on your way to joining the many other affiliated marketers making money online today.

Step 1 by using your web site and having separate pages to promote your products will be a big help, “example” if your niche is selling music, then have a web page that is all about music and then list your products that you want to promote. And the same goes if you want to sell pet products, keep your affiliates on separate web pages and keep a list of all your affiliates, they will be easy to find this way. One great way to have more than one niche is to apply with Amazon affiliated program, you will be able to sell anything that Amazon has to offer and start earning 4% to 6% commissions on all your sales right from your website.

If you have a unique product that you want to sell write a review of the product, it will keep your customers interested in your product. You can also write testimonials from different users that have used the product.

Writing articles about your product include the uses that the product can be used for. Have an attractive headline this will keep the customer interested in learning more about the product.

Step 2 by posting the reviews of your product on the front of the web-page will keep your customers interested, you want your customers to see what you are selling, so promote it by having it be the first thing they see when they come to that page. Have a place where customers can leave you feedback and are able to ask questions about the products you are selling. Many customers will read your review and come back to it after thinking about what you say about the product so be a good writer and detail all that you know of the product.

Remember content is the key to keeping customers coming back to your website, your content should not sound like a sales pitch, this will have the customer thinking that your product is not worthwhile or that you are trying to scam them.

When introducing your product by using E-Mail Marketing try to stay focused on the important things about the product, the biggest mistake is starting off in the subject line “Free” this is really telling the customer it’s not free at all, as we all know nothing is for free. Try and convince them that you have a great product or service.

Step 3 getting traffic to your website is another important step to having profitability with affiliated marketing, without traffic then you will just be sitting out there alone, and your products will go nowhere in the process. Post articles by Blogging and using social media markets such as Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter, these are great places for you to start getting your website and your products noticed at no cost to you. Face Book has a free Marketplace where you can post your products at no cost.

The upside to this is you will get much needed traffic to your website. Merchant Circle is another great website to post your business, as well as many classified ad sites.

But do remember make your posting count, don’t just say here is my website check it out, be creative with your content you want your viewers to keep coming back.

Your content is the key to your success online when trying to promote products, you can have over a hundred people looking at your website, but if they all leave and don’t buy your products then you have to work harder on your content.

There is much money to be made by promoting products, put you have to sell it, so think before you just put it out there, visit other sites and research what is selling and how  they are selling it. Start to follow different Blog sites, Example their “RSS feeds”.

Asking Affiliate Marketing Experts, this is a great way for you to ask questions from other Affiliates.

Generating higher traffic is using the right keywords to get your website noticed, start by using Google Tools, this will help you generate keywords for your website, submit your site to Google and other search engines. If you are having trouble finding products to sell go to E-Bay keywords and see what everyone is searching for, this will give you an idea what is selling online and what users are looking for.



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