Did You Hear About The Morgans Film Review

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Paula and Meryl Morgan are a separated couple, Paul is desperately trying to win back Meryl with gifts and phone calls but they are not working. Meryl is happy with her life and is very busy running her company but she does make time to have dinner with Paul so they can talk. Things don’t go too bad at dinner but when they leave they decide to have a walk.

Things take a turn for the worse on the walk as they witness a murder and have to go into protective custody. They are both not happy about this as they are being sent to a temporary safe house together. They arrive in Wyoming and it is a massive culture shock for them both. Meryl is trying hard to be reasonable around Paul but it is not working out as she planned.

Can the killer be caught so Paul and Meryl can go back to their own lives, will they ever adjust to the country life and ultimately can they work their differences out and make their marriage work?

I was not overly bothered about watching this film and I certainly was not prepared to pay for the DVD but as it came onto the movie channels I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately the best bits of the film were all shown in the trailers for it and it was a typical Hugh Grant film with his playing the bumbling unlucky in love English man. The story could have been very good if a little more effort and thought would have gone into it but as it stands both me and hubby were able to work out the ending from after only watching for 20 minutes. I did think it was a good subject for a film and there was a lot of potential which was not realised and maybe this could have been achieved if we would have had a different set of lead actors.

Hugh Grant played the role of Paul and he was just the same usual guy he plays in all of his other films. There was nothing new to this role for him and he came across as very dull and boring. His accent was overly played and I have never heard an English man talk so prim and proper before, it really was overly done for my liking and stuck out like a sore thumb. There was no depth to him and he seemed very flat with his lines and the emotions he was trying to portray. I found there was a distinct lack of chemistry between him and on screen wife Meryl and they did constantly look very uneasy together. Meryl was played by Sarah Jessica Parker and she was just as bad. She was flat with all of her lines and she never seemed to give them any emotion or feeling when delivering them. She did have a very strange appearance at time (hubby said she looked like a horse!) and she just came across as very self absorbed and only thought and cared about herself.

Fortunately we did have two very good actors in the film and they were the Sheriff and the Deputy. They were husband and wife, Clay and Emma. They were played by Sam Elliot and Mary Steenburgen. The pair bought some much needed light relief to the film and were for me the best of the whole cast. They managed to bring some normality and humour and seemed at ease and very natural on screen together.

The start of the film is shot in New York and we got a few good skyline shots of the city, they were enjoyable to watch but for me the best shots came from Wyoming, we got to see a lot of the countryside and I loved how different it was to the big city. The small town came across in an enjoyable and friendly way and I did actually comment on the fact that I too would love to live somewhere like that were technology is not the centre of everything. The sets were all good and so to were the few effects which we had.

The film does have a few funny moments in and the one memorable one is when Hugh Grant comes across the bear, this did have me giggling slightly but the main humour came from Emma and Clay with their daftness and inability to understand how Paul and Meryl were thinking and the way they found it hard to adjust to the new lifestyle. The funniest parts of the film are definitely all shown in the trailers. The soundtrack was nothing special and despite one or two tracks I am not able to remember much about it at all. The tracks I remember were quite old ones and they did fit into the story very well.

I am only reviewing the film so there are no DVD extras to speak about. The DVD can be bought for around the £7 price at the moment which I feel is still slightly too high as this is just an average film. I certainly would not recommend paying to watch this.

I can really only give this film 3 stars, I really wanted it to be good and show Hugh Grant in a different role but t failed to do so. The story was good and we did have two very good roles but overall it was slightly dull with two very weak lead actors. I would recommended renting or waiting for this to come onto your TV before deciding to watch, this is certainly not worth parting with any money for.





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