General Considerations ON The Protection OF Human Rights

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Human beings have inherent human rights wherever they are, regardless of status or region of birth, lives, works or lives, regardless of nationality, race, gender, religious and philosophical beliefs, wealth, because they have a universal character , which is a foundation of equal and inalienable rights, as a corollary of freedom, justice, security and peace in the world.
Human rights institution, which has undergone over time, a laborious and lengthy process of crystallization, is currently showing a very complex institution, related both to the legal order, domestic and international. Reflecting a certain standard of international protection won the rights and freedoms that belong to any human beings, she defines and summarizes a set of rights, freedoms and obligations of people towards each other, the states to defend and promote these rights, the the international community to ensure that the rights and freedoms in each country, interfering in those situations in which human rights would be violated in a particular state. Comprising principles, mechanisms, procedures related to international juridical order, but also by the international human rights institution has a bivalent character, being both a national institution, integrated constitutional norms, but also an institution of international law, by setting features of a legal principle applicable in relations between states.
Wide interest that today enjoy human rights issues are, moreover, an undeniable recognition of the complexity and originality of this legal institution, but also that without these rights can not bring about a democratic society – a condition natural to assert the dignity of every individual – but neither do normal legal framework indispensable collaboration of nations.
Not only an internal problem of states, human rights is one of the major problems of the contemporary world, which demonstrates compliance and enforcement capacity of understanding and cooperation of all states and peoples that the threshold of new century and millennium, to practice those measures and actions that promote democracy, freedom, understanding, multiform cooperation, tolerance and friendship among all nations and states, ethnic and religious groups to peace and security in the world.
Contemporary human society, the human community can not develop harmoniously and ascending trend if this fundamental dimension of it is ignored or disregarded, for ignoring or violating it is intended to lead to delays, failures or even convulsions in society. Therefore, states and international organizations created by them, and non-governmental organizations have established legal rules, techniques and methods suitable for the rights and ensuring their effective implementation. He established the international responsibility of States for violation of human rights, disregard for international standards in this regard. The problem of violations of human rights is not only a national problem, internal states, but an international crisis, which is properly interested in the international community and primarily the United Nations.
Affirmation, respect and guarantee human rights through substantive law of states and effective international control by the United Nations and specialized agencies is such as to prevent violations and correct application of international law enshrined human right to life, dignity, security, peace, property, its social and political protection against the damage to his person, his sacred rights, against all discrimination.
Man, indefeasible rights, is the highest value of humanity. Therefore, his rights were affirmed, proclaimed to them by legal means, material and institutional, so that the person to protect and defend the harmful effects of wars and other acts of barbarism, the manifestations of ethnic intolerance, religious, philosophical and policy.
Human rights and fundamental freedoms has always represented a psychological issue, avoided difficult and impossible to avoid public debate. The explanation is that there is no man in this world, which to them is whether consciously or unconsciously, the way that it protected the rights and freedoms. The fact that the human being was born to develop his ego and seeks full development, which is good company and at the same time and at the same time determines the individual’s personal freedom. The loss of that freedom leads to the degradation and murder of relations which is subject to any human being. Political theme is the importance that is questioned by those who accede to power, the need for human rights. In a healthy governance where the public is ensured freedom and love of country, the policy of freedom and virtue, lead citizen must participate in all such liability, interest and perseverance. Also, human rights and personal freedoms and open a social issue, because actually it was a main reason why these rights exist today. It should be noted that regardless of the degree of ability that we have a state, these rights can not be neglected and one must understand that the size of the acceptance of these rights for all of us, no matter, race, social status, is essential for success a perfect coexistence.
Effective enforcement of human rights, poverty eradication and access presupposes everyone a decent living, that human society with its contemporary possibilities you must provide all of its members based on the conquest of science and technology and national use of material resources and financial, so that each individual should be interested in the progress of society and its staff. This implies a harmonious relation between man, society and state, accepted the mutual solidarity in the common interest.
Respect for human rights session, requires equality between men and women, full equality between the sexes so that the company should benefit from the constructive contribution of all its members are able to express their political will and consciously participate in making the right decisions of community interest.


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