Explore Your Dreams to The Fullest

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“Good is the Enemy of Great.”

Dreams. The dream is a window into your soul, a gateway into the unseen world, giving access to the unknown and revealing the invisible behind all that is visible. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get into the habit of jotting down your dreams and making an effort to interpret them. It is a great way to develop self-awareness and self-understanding and will enrich your life in many, many unforeseen ways. Self-awareness and self-acceptance is so important in developing your self-esteem. Take the time to seriously ask yourself, “Who am I and what’s my purpose in life?” Write down your strengths and weakness, your highest ambitions and deepest fears, and make a list of everything you enjoy doing and all your hobbies. Take some personality tests to gain deeper understanding of who you are.

Explore your dreams to the fullest of its potential. Extract some times from your daily life to establish a base for your future life. Keep in mind no ideas are supernatural but by consistent efforts you can change them into reality and that looks other to like a miracle. Don’t live your life by the circumstances forced to live your life but live your life realising the fullest potential of your dreams.Living life with purpose and intent, or according to our destiny is supernatural. It goes beyond the natural approach to living, by taking responsibility for the decisions we are to make ahead of time.

Living life at its poorest form is ignorance and at its greatest level, enlightenment. Life lived at a quality of total awareness, is a life lived with extreme potential. Vision is available to every person on earth. Poverty of imagination is poverty at it’s worst. As our mind begins to dream of potential, our will begins to change towards the probabilities of what can be. As we each take up our personal responsibility to dream on a level beyond the natural, we enter in to a dimension of creativity. Creativity is the gift that we were all born with, but circumstances conspire to rob us of the initiative to birth the seed of creativity. The will of our creator is to empower each one of us with the same creative capacity. 

Poverty of spirit excludes us from the power of creativity. Instead of doing first thing first we give too many importance to too many minor things. Choose great over good in ALL areas of your life! It is far better to have a few great things than a lot of good or mediocre things. Find the ONE thing you can be the best in the world at and focus unrelentingly on improving that one thing, polishing it to perfection.

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