Hide & Seek (Aka Careful What You Wish For)

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Statuesque offsets the stubborn,
and the gooseflesh of sensitive barbs lies underneath.
Underneath a millions reasons why she cannot tell you why,
and another thousand to pretends she does.

When the weather allows she plays hide and seek with the glassy eyed boys.
The ones with superman capes made of paper and string;
Forever fun,
jumping off rooftops to impress.
Tired of liberating Angora fluff from Dandelion stems,
and catching butterflies who secretly yearn for capture.

And the days come and go, some longer than others for Nicole,
But she is stronger than she knows.

Statuesque believes in the sunrise and at times basks in its rays,
and yet cries for the solace of the other.
Afraid of the goblins that come after dark to taste the crusty leftover flakes of her mistakes;
Forcing her to discover a few new and better recipes still.
Her plan is to pretend to not see them.
Out of sight out of her mind.
To have a basis upon which to anchor herself buoyed;
In an attempt to single handedly defeat them.
Still the design wobbles under the weight of its faults.

Statuesque stands awhile then fails on her fashionable feet.
Still like pretty granite chiseled,
our statuesque girl Friday withstands
The pelts
She withstands the pummeling
The pushed envelopes
And I can’t help but like her for that
Someday I will tell her what I hope helps her to see the gem within
Without the preconceived notion of a bogeyman’s agendas
Or some sort of masculine milieu

In between her games of hide and seek.

©2005 J. K. Bradford


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