Ten Tips to Cope With Stress And Tension

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It is true what Hans Selve commented about stress, “Complete freedom from stress is death1” the pressures of modern life ensure that stress and tension always lurk in the background. It is generally assumed that adverse events and challenges in life are the stressors that cause stress. Common stressors compress disease, marital life problems, failures, separation, etc.

Coping with stress and tension

As humans, we must be able to face any stress that comes across in our life. When we recognize the stressors that cause stress it becomes easy for us to face them positively. By following certain tips we can deal with stress in our everyday life.

Ten tips to cope with stress

1) Eliminate the sources of stress

Find out the sources of stress and try to eliminate them as much as possible. For example, if crowds cause you stress try to avoid chances of being caught in crowds.

2) Manage your time

Lack of time management is one of the causes of stress. If you find that you are always running late, sit down and chart your agenda and try to keep it up. If you cannot find time for all your activities, choose the activities in the order of their importance.

3) Avoid predictable stress

Avoid predictably stressful situations. If you are sure that you will be put into trouble, why should you take unnecessary risks?

4) Acceptable the inevitable

This is a positive law of life. When you cannot remove the stress, accept it with a positive mood. Be sure, it is human that we have to bear with certain stress. Always remember that even things against you can change in favor of you.

5) Competition is a source of stress

Competing with others in life is really a source of stress. Competition in accomplishments or possessions has become unavoidable in the consumerist lifestyle of today.

6) Modern equipments as sources of stress

Modern equipments have become sources of stress in our life cramming too many activities in our day-to-day life. Devices such as phones or computer hook ups often encourage us to cram too many activities into daily schedule. Take care of them and learn to use them without stress.

7) Allergies may cause stress

 If you find allergies can trigger a stress response in your body, do your best to avoid allergens. Some food choices can also cause allergy and stress.

 8) Exercise can reduce your stress

Exercise helps you maintain good health and reduce your stress. Exercises promote blood circulation and reduce certain stressors that may cause stress in your body. Exercises like walking, yoga, swimming, etc. fill you with good energy and relieve you from stress.

 9) Avoid toxin exposures

Toxins, collected in the body, many times cause stress and tension. By eliminating toxins by proper exercises and daily chores, we can greatly reduce the amount of toxins that are stored in our bodies. Drinking enough pure water, eating balanced food, etc. can help.

 10) Keep up cheerful mood

Keeping ourselves cheerful is very vital to have a stress-free life. Enjoy the beauties in nature and lead a grateful life. Faith in God is one of the most important factors of freedom from stress.


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