Vince Mcmahon: From Creating Flyers to World Wide Ppv's

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Most people in the world (literally) have heard of WWE. That is because it has become a global entity due to the extreme vision Vince McMahon had.  Love him or hate him you can’t help but to admire the tireless tenacity he has. This is a man who would create flyers to help promote the wrestling events he would put on.  It is known that in order to succeed in business you first must have a vision of what you want it to be.  Vince McMahon had this vision which helped to shape Sports Entertainment to what it is today.

The way he promotes is genius.  He has a way of making people want to see the matches.  Look at what we had going on politically back in the 80’s.  You had Hulk Hogan on one side who was seen as an American Hero.  He stood up for what he believed in and gained admiration for his lifestyle.  On the other side we had The Iron Sheik.  With all the politics going on at the time and the strains between various countries this is a match up made in heaven.  People didn’t seem to care who won they just wanted to see our hero Hulk Hogan get his hands on the Iron Sheik.  That is just one of many examples of how innovative Vince McMahon can be. 

He would build story lines around certain characters but, rarely have them wrestle one another.  He would have them make many confrontations but would wait for the right moments in order to gain the most out of it. In the 1980’s he would promote specially televised events which at the time was on closed circuit TV.  This was just the beginning of many things to come. Once a year he began to hold a yearly event called Wrestlemania.  The best matches were put together and the story lines were build up and Wrestlemania was the climax.  Pivotal success was ultimately achieved during Wrestlemania III.  Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant and Ricky Steamboat vs. Macho Man Randy Savage (arguably one the best matches in history) among other high level matches filled this card.  This event was held in the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit.  A record sellout of over 93,000 people came to see this. 

Over the course of the 1980’s thru the 90’s the wrestling industry was changed.  That one special event turned into various PPV’s multiple times a year where again story lines reached their climax or another one began to spark more interest. 

The one thing that does get over looked at times is the outreach that WWE does.  Many WWE superstars are involved in the make a wish foundation and other charitable groups.  Vince McMahon is a great supporter of our US military.  A newer yearly event has been their Tribute to the Troops show.  The wrestler’s (on a volunteer basis) travel to Iraq and Afghanistan and puts on a show for the troops.  How much more can you ask? 

Wrestling has reached new heights.  The face of the industry has changed due to Vince McMahon.  A man that made flyers to promote his matches to a corporate empire that is globally known.  This is a great example of enduring the obstacles to reach the vision. 


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