Probate Property

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A Probate view from the other side…

A house can prove a headache as well as a windfall if you are left one in a will.

Even though the following article (link below) was taken from 1998, one thing is for sure, whether it was 11 years ago, or 111 years ago, Probate Property has ALWAYS been one of the BEST ways to profit from BMV Property.

It is very easy to get caught up in how to best go about purchasing Probate Property to maximize the profits available, but the answers always lie in the other side of the Probate transaction…

…You see the overwhelming fact remains, is that people pass away, every day, every week, every month and every year, leaving property in their estate. This is then often required to be sold to settle the estate through the probate process – It is then up to an executor, or personal representative, or court appointed administrator to distribute the estate according to the will if there is one…

…Often there will be liabilities that have to be settled to creditors, which then precipitate the sale of the property contained within the estate.

Depending upon how many people named as beneficiaries, will often determine how long an estate remains in probate, aside from other complexities that may be present if no will exists.

As you will has seen from other articles and Blog Posts that I have provided on this subject, there are many motivating reasons why an estate would want to sell property BMV and the following article taken form the Independent, illustrates the many reasons, as well as gives clues to how to maximize the opportunity that exists in Probate Property.


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