Friday, December 15

Chinese New Year Dishes

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This is something that affects people worldwide. Celebration of pleasure rather exotic and even all those involved. One thing that many foreigners can not appreciate the fact that most aspects of Chinese New Year is a very specific purpose and meaning. Even food.

If you are not Chinese, I’m sure you can use the degree of success, to make things smoother in my life.

When it comes to cooking Chinese New Year Holidays New, there are several things to keep in mind. Meals are prepared each has its own significance and prepare specific reason.

Dumplings will reduce the wealth of the new year for those who consume them so far. Of course, wealth is something that most people want and there are several ways to do so. Other foods that are a symbol of achieving wealth in Chinese New Year is bamboo egg rolls, black seaweed and oranges. This is only the beginning of a lesson in symbolic foods Chinese New Year.

Durability and longevity is something that the Chinese are known envy. Eternal youth, some of them can work. The secret, as long life, absorption of nutrients in the context of the Lunar New Year foods are: pasta, Chinese garlic, onions and peanuts.

Flowering these foods, salad, whole fish and grapefruit. Besides its success all the fish and clean was supposed to bring wealth and intimacy (as in marriage or romance) next year.

whole chicken main dish when happiness. In addition, chicken, marriage, especially when taken in food, which it hopes will be a dragon products, such as cancer.

Those who want their children in the near future, we must add the eggs, seeds (such as watermelon seed), and grapefruit – especially the last two if you want two children.

Finally, when success is what you need it most, try to add the tangerine or algae in your plate for that special day. If you have luck was really bad lately, you can double the aid of another.

The Internet has many wonderful recipes to help celebrate Chinese New Year, traditionally, as you can. Recipes for food that Jiaozi (Chinese noodles) and egg rolls are online, and somehow create a suitable atmosphere. Add a few salads and secret longevity noodles and have a good basis for Chinese New Year meal.

The only thing to make Chinese New Year holidays, and go with a bang (literally) fireworks. Chinese New Year will be the same without them, so the choice of food, or buy or cook (or two) and then the fireworks safely entertained for a long night of winter.


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