Duck Soup

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This duck soup is really very delicious.

The recipe serves 6.It is easy for preparation. The time for preparing it ia about an hour and 20 minutes.


300 gr duck meat

2 onions (it is better the spring onion to be used)

2 carrots

4-5 patotoes


3-4 cloves of garlic finely smashed

Parsley about 50 gr

50 gr pasta

1 table spoon ketchup

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder to taste

Method of preparation:

Place the meat pieces into a sauce pan and pour 2.5 l water. Cook for 15 minutes and after that add salt to taste. If you wish you can add some black pepper powder now. But if you prefer you can do this in the end of cooking. Boil for 15 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the other ingredients. Wash the onion and chop it finely. Wash the carrot and the celery and cut them into small pieces. Do the same with the parsley and the potatoes. Potatoes could be cut into cubes or small pieces. Put the ingredients into the sauce pan and add some water if it is necessary. Add the smashed garlic. Continue cooking for 20 minutes. Then add the ketchup. And continue cooking for 10 minutes. The next step for preparing the soup is to put the pasta into it. Cook for 10 minutes and in the end your soup is ready. Enjoy it with croutons!


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