Poverty: The Under Class Solution to The Upper Class Problem.

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When I was younger I was one of the few lower-class childern that was educated amongst the upper-class children. Maybe saying lower class is an over statement. I’ll just consider myself as one of those kids caught in the middle. I was aware that I was not welcome in my school because of the neighborhood I was raised in. That did not bother me. What knotted my throat was the infactuation that the upper class childern had with the lower class children. Exactly what was it that they hoped to gain by interacting with us? I understood why everyone in my community was so obsessed with the wealthy. I mean most people I grew up with would sell their soul for for whatever scraps the rich would throw down to them. However, what in heavens name would a upper class person want to do with the projects? Most people who operate under the average train of thought would assume drugs, adventure,or curiosity. I used to think that way as well. Now, I have become  wiser to why a connection had to be kept.

There have been very few cases where the wealthy person has been connected to any street level  crimes. In most cases,  we all automatically assume that they fear the streets and the damage poverty does to the mind body and soul. I see this differently. The wealthy to not fear any of that… as long as they are not the ones who are being affected. When we turn on the news at night they project the image of the poor, ruthless local street gangs, or desperate working man preying on the innocent rich guy. Basically, the good old fashion man reduced to mouse searching for  cheese. Recently, I would say since 9/11, more wealthy people are being directly linked to some of the most violent crimes in history. They used to be guilty of selling dreams. Now, they are selling guns,  drugs and garunteed death sentences. Let’s take  Saddam Hussein for example. He was wealthy. This man would go to poor towns and arm children and cut off the limbs of people who did not do what they were told. Osama Bin Laden was,excuse me, is extremely wealthy. If he tells you to strap a bomb to yourself or to fly airplanes through a building, more than likely you would do what you are told to avoid the “or else”. Let us not forget the Bush Administration who would turn their back on a clear threat to this country to insure their power and then do it again to insure re-election. Also very wealthy men. As a matter of fact, this even hold true in motion pictures and books. In one of my favorite movies Devil in a Blue Dress, Easy Rawlins was a poor hired henchmen by wealthy politicians. If he did not produce what those guys expected he would have been killed. Another example is Beverly Hills Cop. In just about every last one of those films those Beverly Hills big wigs had their dirty workers in the slums of Detroit. When it came time for pay day they were murdered.

With all of this taken into consideration, I still aspire to be wealthy.I know I have an edge over most welathy people.  I know they cannot create wealth. They will never convince me of that. Everything has been done for them or given to them up untill now. If it wasn’t they took it by force. I choose to write my way out. Creativity is my advantage. Wealth is me. I am wealth!


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