Example of a Job Refusal Letter to a Candidate After an Interview

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When job candidates have taken the time and effort to interview for a position at your company, each individual deserves a prompt and considerate notification of your decision – even if they didn’t get the job.

When a candidate gets to the interview stage of seeking employment, their hopes are raised and they may have even put other opportunities aside in pursuit of a position with your company. Similar to a reply to a resume submittal, you should provide each job applicant a message of thanks, constructive feedback and encouragement to help them in their career search.

Here is information you can use as an example of how to write an honest yet considerate message to tell an applicant that you have selected a different person for the job as a result of the interview process (also known as a refusal letter).

Example of Original Job Posting

Wanted: Director of Marketing for billion dollar tier one defense electronics company. Extensive government experience and contacts required; technical background desired but not mandatory. Candidate must have a proven track record. Effective written and oral communication skills are a must.

Send resume to: john.ramsey-humanresources@defense-contractors.com

Every Refusal Letter Should Contain These Four Important Elements

1. Thank the applicant for their interest in the job

2. Whenever possible, give an honest compliment about their qualifications or achievements

3. Give an honest explanation of why they are not being considered for the position, refusing them the most positive way possible

4. A sincere message that encourages them and conveys your desire for their success in seeking employment

Example of a Refusal Letter

Dear Mr. Trent:

Thank you for taking the time and effort required to meet with our staff and interview for the position of Director of Marketing at Defense Contractors. We congratulate you for the achievements and educational qualifications you presented.

In reviewing all of the candidates we have interviewed, we have found one with a longer tenure in this level position which would be more in line with the job responsibilities.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Defense Contractors and wish you much success in your career path.


John Ramsey
Director of Human Resources
Defense Contractors

789 Offer Boulevard
, FL 36541

Phone: (8888) 888-8888
Email: john.ramsey-humanresources@defense-contractors.com

“Defense Contractors – innovation at its best.”

This refusal letter contains all the necessary elements you will need to turn down a job applicant in a considerate and professional manner after the interview process. You are welcome to use this example or a modified version for suit our company needs.


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