5 Steps TO Have A Career Envious

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We define the career stages as general patterns of progress, the essential requirements and changes in professional role activities. These successive stages are:
• exploration
• stabilization
• promotion,
• maintenance,
• the end of his career.
Exploration is the confrontation between unrealistic visions formed in adolescence and the real world. Individual to know and choose the roles explored. Meanwhile discover and develop their talents, abilities, interests, values. It is an important moment in the formation of professional identity and choice of a domain.

Some of the important elements in this period are: social network, mentor, disciple. Social networking is the group of colleagues who provide feedback and information about the organization and activities. The mentor is an older person in the organization and plays an important role at the early career af1at.

 The mentor is not only competent person in the content business, but understanding more, having an overall vision, and having the necessary personal qualities, may transfer the science to do things to someone younger. It is not just about you and help solve the tasks, but to learn a single thing to do eventually. The mentor is a model disciple.

To be a mentor rare personal qualities are necessary, this process of learning, transfer of know-how ‘takes place in a natural way. It takes wisdom, flexibility and, in addition, compatibility between mentor and disciple. Some of the commonly accepted functions of the mentor include: role modeling, acceptance and confirmation, counselor.

Stabilization is to acquire a degree of knowledge, expertise in a field. Advancement and maintenance following the stabilization in various occupational roles and requires focus on key objectives, realistic career. End of career can mean a period of continuous growth in status and influence in the organization, or a spell at the highest level of responsibility and status.

 A concept is increasingly used at the “career resilient” refers to the individual’s permanent concern for his career, always active, aware that his powers as are opportunities for someone with training and experience so as to always be in the area in which he is entitled to af1e. At the same time to evolve and grow continuously from a professional viewpoint. It talks about just about career management as a business administration.



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