How to Make Money With Google Adsense in Three Days Or Less

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There are many ways to make money online, but one popular way is by using the Google AdSense Affiliate program.  This is a program, which is based upon three things: one, keywords, which are placed within your content, two your traffic based upon direct traffic and upon organic traffic from the search engines, and upon the content and title of your pages on your blogs and websites.

These are in many ways a quick and easy fix to help your business grow fast and effectively.  There are ten things which you will need to look at and understand, and once you do, all ten you will increase your Google AdSense earnings within three days of doing these.

1) Correct Your Title:  Look at Your title, does it tell you what is inside the content people will read?  Is it general or more of something that would get traffic to read your work?  If not fix it.

2) Look at your keywords:  Make sure they are specific and found within your content.  Also, make certain that you avoid the general keywords which millions of others use all the time “writing” “religion” and “money” are general keywords.  Do not get too specific but also spend some time on the search engines to know who and what your competition is from.  A “bigger” wesbite can be rnked well, but with good keywords you can get traffic from these as well.

3) How is your content: Break it up into smaller paragraphs, cosmetic fix up, but it makes people stay longer.  The longer they stay the more likely they will click on an ad.  Google Adsense works on content, but the content needs to be written with your readers in mind, as they are the ones who will make you money.

4) Build links:  Get traffic from beyond the social networking sites; go to other online writing sites, and to article directories.  Use the social networking sites, but focus on other places to put links.

5) Fix the First 250 words of Your Content:  if your content is poor, then your Google AdSense ads tend to be poor.  Fixing up your first 250 or so words to make it content rich with at least three of your keywords and your title will improve the chances of the search engines finding your work, and improve your ads.

6) Look at your Ads:  Some ads simply should not be there, so go to AdSense and make sure that that category is blocked from your websites and blogs; this can often make all the difference.

7) Look at Google Analytics:  Simple and effective.  This will tell you where you traffic are coming from, how long they stay, and what they are looking for.  It will also tell you where you are making your Google AdSense money.  If it is in an unexpected place, make certain you fix that content and Add links to this page.

8) Use a Keyword Research Tool:  This will improve your keywords.  Google AdWords has one, which is quite useful, but it should also be used only as a guide. The more often you use it the more likely you can fix older websites to make money faster.

9) The content needs to be useful: If you content is stuffed with keywords it is not useful.  A Good guide is to read it aloud and see if it sounds more natural.  The more useful the content the more likely you will be paid from Google.

10) Subtitles:  Base Your Subtitles upon one to three paragraphs which are similar, and put these three together.  This is a good way to have the search engines “see” your keywords and your content more.  Use bold and italics as well. 


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