How to Start a Business in 3 Easy Steps

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How to start a business in 3 easy steps

 1. Product definition and market

          He who wants to make a deal, before making this decision, you need to ensure the success of the action it will undertake, to determine where they will locate their business, that activity will take place, the prices will be obtained for practical and what profit . The answer to this question you may have
If you do an analysis, a marketing study.
          To perform this study will follow these steps:
                                         – Documentary research;
                                         – Evaluating the potential market;
                                         – Competition analysis;
                                         – Choosing the location.
          Following this investigation of product, the entrepreneur will know that if he wants to realize it will respond to the real customer demand and desire.

       2. Choice of legal form
          Under current legislation, can choose a type of company stated in their classification (in total collective society – CNS, limited partnerships, the company limited by shares, stock company – SA, a limited liability company – SRL).
          There are cases where the law provides that some people (in the liberal professions), artisans and other categories of entrepreneurs to carry out various activities of people as individuals.
        3. Evaluation of profitability

           An economic activity must be regarded as a combination of capital and labor.
           Ensure the profitability of commercial work only with the contribution of capital, own funds. It requires the establishment and defense company heritage. This involves a risk so it is necessary and natural that this risk be measured. Obviously, the risk belongs to the contractor, but must be considered and preparing the company to assume the same risk, even if the company guarantee, by endorsement is made in person.
            Entrepreneur has to know very well the patrimony sis bear in mind that it breaks down, wears out. He has maintained, renewed, developed and upgraded. All they impugn a financing which will come fully or partially initial contributions from profit from operations and from borrowings.
          4. Providing funding
             Providing resources necessary to sustain the activity of the company is through loans and equity, no matter the source to provide the financing.

         5. Completion of the formalities

             After obtaining the Founding documents, which authorizes operation of the company, are a series of necessary formalities and authorizations, as follows:
 – Court decision published in the Official Gazette;
 – Registration company in the commercial register;
 – Company registration with the Directorate of Prices FINAT-county or Bucharest;
 – The tax code to obtain local financial administration ;
 – Submission of the declaration to become paying VAT, if applicable;
 – Communication to the financial administration of the place where they will perform activities of commerce, other than those included in Articles of Association;
 – Knowledge and ensuring accounting records and documents as determined by applicable laws;
 – Bank account opening bank choice;
 – Preparation and recorders contacts for employees and partners with the Chamber of work;
 – Writing and recording employer social insurance contract;
 – The formalities for obtaining the license;
 – Financial Administration for local communication is held by the company;
 – The formalities for obtaining the veterinary opinion from fire, from enterprise to provide electricity and heating, sanitation and others;
 – End of property insurance.


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