How to Include a Free Business Card in All of Your Emails

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All business professionals know you should never miss an opportunity to give out your business card. After all, customers can’t reach you if they don’t know how. Why then, would you want to miss the most frequent opportunity to put business card information in the hands of new or existing customers?

A simple and effective way to spread your full contact information is to include it at the bottom of every email you send. As a matter of fact, customers actually come to expect it and are often annoyed if they have to search through past emails trying to find a telephone number, address or business title.

Make it easy for your customers and give yourself valuable exposure by creating a clean, crisp signature tag at the end of all your emails. Most email software allows you to save this information. If you create it once, you’ll never have to type it again.

At a minimum, you should include your name, title, company name, address, phone and email address. If have a slogan, you can also include that at the bottom of your signature line business card. Here is a simple example you can use for your email. Even if you don’t have fancy email options that allow custom signatures or fonts, you can make your name stand out by using italics and bold letters to emphasis the name of your company.

Delia Brown
Customer Account Representative
First Home Bank

1234 Maple Street
Any Town, NY 11762

Phone: (891) 555-1212

“Meeting the needs of our customers – one at a time.”

Some sophisticated customers even have software that can actually scan your email for business card information and automatically store it for future reference. If you supply it, they can harvest it and easily include you in their database of valuable contacts.

So don’t neglect to make it easy for your customers to contact you and give yourself valuable exposure by creating a clean, crisp business card signature tag at the end of all your emails. You are welcome to use this example or modify it to fit your business needs.


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