Make Money Writing – Helpful Tips For a New Freelance Writer

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If you have a passion for the English language and wish to make money writing on the internet then you will be pleased to know that there are now more places than ever before to start and plenty of ways to achieve success. Following these simple instructions and using your head will ensure that you have a smooth journey.

* Work out before you start bidding for projects whether or not you have the talent to make it in the competitive world of freelance writing. There are hundreds and thousands of writers out there from all over the world with a wide scope of knowledge, it can be hard to get a project and you must stand out above the rest. Work out if your talents are good enough and what your best subjects are and then you can progress from there.

* Try practising article writing first by using websites such as Triond and helium that will allow you to publish your work and get paid a small fee for every time that people look at it. Not only will this help to make slightly more money from your writing skills but also help you to build a portfolio that you can then provide to potential clients to prove that your work is as good as you say that it is. (Not only that but every time a client looks at your work, you get paid more money!)

* Find a niche of writing that you are particularly good and if you struggle to find one of these, try researching one that is considered to be popular and writing about that. There are many popular topics that you can choose from but among the ones that seem to attract the most attention are – weight loss, making money online, health and beauty, animals and money related issues. In order to make money writing, you must have knowledge and if you do not, you will find that the projects that you do win will take much longer to complete.

* Be reasonable in your expectations of trying to make money writing online. Remember that you are new to this so you cannot expect to earn quite as much money as those that have been freelance writing for a few years. You must also remember to take into account that you might need to research the project and this will have some bearing on the amount of time that you propose that it will take for you to complete this project.


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