What is Going on With Helium

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Recently, all four articles I wrote for Helium’s upfront payment system got deleted as soon as the titles they were written to reached deadline for article submission. I made all precautions and worked even harder after the first two deletions. So, what is going on with Helium?

It is probable that many readers will start thinking something about me whining, because my poorly written articles were deleted. If you are one of them, I urge you to hear me out first. Maybe I am paranoid, but something seems to be out of the ordinary with Helium past few days.

First two deletions

It all began with deletion of two articles I posted in Helium’s marketplace to compete for $5 upfront payments. It is not much. However, I did my best to do as much research as possible and write quality articles with appropriate word count. And I succeeded, at least I thought so until the deadline for article submission was reached. I woke up in the morning eager to find out whether I got at least one full upfront. Quick look at ‘My articles’ page turned into long gaze. Both articles got deleted. E-mails from Helium contained something about not adhering to their submission guidelines and grammatical errors. I was angry, but decided to do a few make-up changes in one article and re-submit it to the same title. Though, this time it was without any chance to get paid anything more than for views.

My re-submitted article climbed to first place in that title just in few hours which is a huge success considering that there were only 4 articles and most of my articles written to such titles remain on starting spot (3rd place or so) forever. It has remained a number 1 article in that title since then and it was submitted on 11th of January. That means, other writers who rated articles in that title thought mine was the best. Ok, you might think that those few changes made so much difference. However, I only deleted 3 adjectives and one short sentence throughout the article. Nonetheless, they just deleted it instead of correcting anything. I know they can and will do that. After all, they did so with another article of mine that I submitted few days earlier. They stated that there were grammatical errors and they corrected them. I still got the full upfront payment for the article they corrected.

Third deletion

Third article was written with previous experience in mind. After cooling down, I decided that I probably did something wrong. So, I re-read the Helium’s submission guidelines. I was careful to adhere to them in every point. Proofreading took me almost as long as writing the article. I even let it be for an hour or so and then proofread it several times again. I submitted the article after 3 hours of hard work (not counting the breaks of course). Yet, my article got deleted again for simple reason – it was not written in accordance with Helium’s standards, the reason being grammar and diction. However, diction was not an issue as I used quality sources and I did not alter any terms. I credited the sources when it was appropriate and linked to all of them in the end of my article (as I do with all my articles written primarily for Helium). Also, there were no misspellings or misused words as I checked for those several times. Nonetheless, I did not get paid even the poor $3 transition credit for more than 3 hours of hard work. This time, I got so angry that I did not re-submit the article.

Fourth deletion

The last deletion (so far) was the strangest and most annoying. I was already getting paranoid. “They are just automatically deleting my articles!” I thought. Then, conscious mind won over this paranoid freak inside my head. It was not a complete victory. So, I decided to go for titles with $2 upfront payment (1$ transition credit). I spent 2 hours writing and proofreading article I could have written in 20 minutes and proofread several times in less than 10 minutes. I was extremely cautious about the grammar and used simple sentences only. I also avoided writing anything that might sound like I was stating an opinion, being judgmental, non-objective, etc. I did not go to sleep and checked ‘My articles’ page as soon as I thought the deadline was reached. And they did it again, my article got deleted. I only got an automated message about article deletion with that all-powerful statement that it was below Helium’s standards. Even the traditional e-mail with grammar bullsh*t has not arrived yet despite the fact that it is always the same thus prepared in advance, copied into e-mail and sent to people.

What is going on?

I gave it some thought since then. From super-fast deletion (as soon as the submission deadline was reached) and long delay between automated deletion message and e-mail giving a little more detail (which has not arrived yet, even after 3 hours), I assumed that they started to delete all my articles automatically for some reason I cannot understand. Probably just to avoid paying me for my hard work.

Before this started to happen it usually took them few days to check all submitted articles and choose the ‘lucky’ one. All my articles made it through to receive at least the transition credit and I even won several full upfront payments. Quality of my submissions only improved since then. Yet, all four articles I wrote recently got deleted for being below their standards. Maybe it is just me, but I see no valid reason behind those deletions – and I re-checked all those articles, even re-submitted one of them to Helium with great success in ratings (and earnings).

To conclude, something is clearly not right with Helium’s upfront payment system these past few days. All four of my well-researched and carefully written articles got deleted. It seems that the only reason was to avoid crediting me even with insufficient transition credit. Maybe, it is just some kind of a glitch in their system. I do not know, but I am more than sure that I will not ask them as I do not want to risk losing my account. After all, my 267 articles earn me more passive income than articles submitted to all other writing websites. That being said, Helium upfront payment system is dead for me at least until I submit tens of non-upfront articles as more deletions in a row would just get my account deleted anyway.


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