Motorcycle Open Pipes

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It is now 10:30pm of the evening and I can still hear loud open pipes buzzing around just outside my house. I live near the road but its supposedly quiet the way I remember it way back then year 2009 here in the town of General Santos City. But things have change now, open pipes are now installed in every motorcycle. Well that’s where the problem starts, no one gets to sleep at night with these annoying motorcyclist who thinks they own the road happily twisting the throttle with these noisy pipes late in the evening. What’s an open pipe? Well basically a muffler (or silencer in British English) is a device for reducing the amount of noise emitted by a vehicle. On internal combustion engines, the engine exhaust blows out through the muffler. Now open pipes have these silencers remove so basically it generates a lot of noise!

I am also a motorcycle rider and out of curiosity and word of mouth have also tried what its like to have these open pipes! I have mine installed on my honda wave 100 yes its a scooter but it does answer all my needs when it comes to city riding. The pipe design was like of the cbr 150, a sports bike looking pipe and has really bad ass sound to add. Pretty soon I was one with the sleep breakers happily twisting the throttle enjoying that “vroom! vroom!” sound of the engine. Its almost like riding a sportsbike and pretty soon when you reach the highway, other underbones and scooters alike with open pipes join the fray.

Its like a motorcycle race track out there! As you wait for the red light on traffic, plenty of other motorcyclist would rev it up, seemed like provoking you to race with them, and when the light turns green, the engines started to roar! Wheels turn and a cloud of dust for the ones left behind. Hey no wonder the number of accidents have doubled within a short amount of time!

After that I went for a short trip with the Xp Riders team, other motorcycles were also equip with open pipes and we came roaring town after town. The good thing about these pipes is that some stray animals such as dogs in the street tend to steer away from you but others would still jump in the middle of the road out of panic. Its probably afraid of the loud sound produced by the pipe and after the ride ended I was so stressed out since I also had to endure the loud pipe’s roaring sound along the way. At one point I couldn’t hear anything but there was no room to complain now as everyone was happily revving it up.

After 8 months of using the open pipe I gave it up as it was too stressful during riding. Does it increase the speed of the motorcycle when you have these pipes? I’ll answer yes but not that huge on my motorcycle it had a 5% increase in speed but it also burns out your ears, makes the neighbors hate you when you pass by at night( unless you really slow it down so it doesn’t generate that much noise). Other dangers this open pipes produce unknowingly is a situation that you’ll be a victim of road rage as other drivers in particular cagers get annoyed at you passing them with these pipes. Some of the motorcyclist favor this pipes because in there opinion “loud pipes save lives” but the way I see it a horn usually still works best when calling attention from other drivers. So as to those motorcyclist who still enjoys there loud open pipes, I’m not saying you lose it but I’m saying that please be responsible in using it and have a small consideration when passing by homes at night so we can all have a good sleep. Ride safe always!


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