Influence of Statistical Information on The Event. Collecting And Processing Information

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Influence of statistical information on the event. Collecting and processing information

The margin of the statistician in relation to the event is generally quite low, especially when he takes advantage of an event that no one has challenged. Without attempting to be exhaustive, we list the factors contributing to this dependency information:
– When statistician advantage of an event, he is obliged to
comply with the rules which determine the existence of event
respectively. If it is accounted for information
economic unit needs, these needs are those
conditional nature of the data recorded, and how they
registration and organization of their presentation. If it is
about a statement, the information collected can not be reported until
Statistical population has provided, and that the definitions
listed in clauses that specify the obligations. It is unlikely that the who declare will get extra information that it deems is inappropriate or too large compared with the constraint has been charged;
– Time at which event should be measured is often a constraint flat, which makes
values obtained. For example, give details on customs statistics
exports of goods to the value types out of the country
(FOB value, like, without freight and insurance costs between
border point of destination) or the value of imports entering the country (CIF value, like including transport and insurance costs from point of origin and the border). Unfortunately these values can not be compared with each other;
– Each event induces a specific behavior of agents
are involved in its production. This statement is true
especially if the other statements and statements
(Surveys, censuses, etc.). The taxpayer does have a tendency
to lower income which they declare the policyholder to increase
value of the damage he has suffered so. There are also cases when a person simply refuses or evades the declaration. Also the quality of information provided may be in inverse ratio to the number of questions asked;
– The terms of the event can evolve over time, changing the contents of the information collected over time. For example, such events could be: increasing the number of operators and increase the number of beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, meaning the number of transitions over time offers and job requests unmet.
Everything has been said about the event creator information indicates only the potential existence of such information. We must therefore proceeded to collect and process this information so that it is usable, that is accessible and interpretable.

Given the large number of available basic information, an essential aspect of processing is the sum (aggregate) data based on primary data. This classification requires a more precise definition and use of catalogs. Classify them is already to interpret the phenomena studied, depending on your point of view that places us. So different users’ needs will be taken into account, but the extent to which certain needs can be contradictory, choices will depend on the possibilities of each retained (needs) to make him admit his point of view. It should be noted here that the different national accounting is only one user among many others.

In his work processing statistician must take into account a very important external constraint and at the same time fundamental to ensure future quality of his work, it is statistically secret. In fact, all persons, physical or legal, will not agree to declare a number of information unless it is satisfied that they will not be disclosed (directly or indirectly). To have that trust is needed not only denial of access to basic documents, but also took care to gather sufficient data to avoid recomposition of personalized information.

It remains, finally, an important aspect to point to enable a better interpretation of the available statistics namely knowledge of the procedures followed for processing the figures, not only places for them and the methods used (including any software), but and nature of controls, tests of consistency (comparability) made etc.. and delivery.

You can not pretend that we can use statistical information for the purposes of National Accounts without having sufficient information on all the points raised here and the complete history of each of the sources used.


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