Characteristics of Statistical Information. The Events That Created The Information

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Characteristics of statistical information. The events that created the information.

Dependence on statistical information from national accounts makes it necessary insight into the essential characteristics of their development. These features are related not only information processing procedures, but also the events that create this information.

The event context should be understood in a statistically precise meaning. Assigning numbers to a phenomenon (economic or otherwise) require a human, or more precisely a work on the phenomenon itself. We call this event the intervention itself, like the act which can be collected through one or more data, considered representative of the phenomenon measured.
Such an event can exist independently of the intention of the measure itself.

It can be seen that compared with the measurements you want, there is only a limited number of circumstances consistent with measurable events.

In such cases, these events already, before the manifestation of intent to collect statistics. There is therefore a need to challenge them, but only providing additional means of recording and processing that result.

One can distinguish two major categories of such phenomena:

– Measuring the phenomenon is recorded by the agent is interested,
most often for its own information. It is therefore ordered all records of such accounting period (not just cash-flow accounting, analytical, general or held, for example, all government entities, but also information on other features such as port traffic, the patients cared for in hospital , tons transported by rail, the number of candidates for Baccalaureate etc).
– Measuring the phenomenon is subject to binding declaration
agent who is interested, which is addressed in the general statement
an administrative service business control, procurement
taxes, etc. to obtain advantages. Here, the variety of these
events is very high and still give a few examples: recording the status of the birth or death, various tax returns (income, customs declarations, etc.), a car registration, registration, etc. Office of Labor.

Such events do not constitute in itself a source of information and even a potential information. Moreover, this source could be limited to simple information on the number of times an event occurs. However, most often taken advantage of circumstances in order to obtain important information, so that justifies the existence of multiple forms to be filled.

It is also possible to cause the event. This process is not new, and as such there can give censuses since antiquity. Their widespread use today in most diverse fields: housing, industry, agriculture, commerce, etc..

But because the census is primarily a heavy operation, may be used to obtain information on a given population, the survey based on a selected sample. However, certain phenomena such as unemployment, birth rate or rates, while relatively close phenomena may be better known by other methods.


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