National Accounting And Statistical Information

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National accounting and statistical information

General description

As described, the national accounting scheme appears as an expression of an effort to streamline the multitude of economic facts involving a wide variety of agents.

Based on the interpretation of these facts, it is proposed a structure of economic space to enable a consistent approach for measuring the various components of the assembly. But for national accounting, this theoretical work is not only a defining aspect of this effort to streamline and to give consistency to be done while the actual inventory of existing units and attempted to measure the flows of multiple exchanges between these units . This will give an outline specifically what the definitions are proposed.

This task is not inventory and measure its own national accounting. Before him, statistician followed this approach in its effort to collect and manage socio-economic information. In fact, tasks are not only neighbors, but are closely interrelated. Without statistics, you can not have national accounting, and conversely, the effort of consistency proposed national accounts, could have introduced a new rigor in collecting statistical information.

Before considering this mutual dependency, it is still necessary to clarify some differences between the two approaches.

It can be said so that national accounting is to provide a synthetic measure of the economy, while analytical statistics is the extent of all basic events quantifiable.

Research summary of national accounts.

Everything points to claim the national accounts said to want to provide a global view (as far as possible) on economic events. To achieve this, it is bound to take as a measure in monetary limit. Only then, once such a limit is possible, will integrate the desired events.

A strong constraint arises in return for this requirement however. Where is the accounting framework, it becomes usable only when all the cases provided for receiving digital data representing the corresponding operation, otherwise the balance sheet can not be determined. It is also necessary to add a corollary to this constraint, namely: the balance sheet makes sense only if the various items that compose a comparable cover reality.



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