Psychological Issues Encountered IN Practice OF Political Marketing

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In political marketing practices, a very important role you total control over the individual networks.
Total control over the individual mean total control over his thinking on behavior and on his feelings. The essence of total control over the individual is represented by the annihilation of its independence sentiment, a sentiment that might cause you to think and make decisions alone.
To put under total control people’s minds, they were to be immersed in the anonymous masses to maneuver, to be permanently dependent on the thinking of the group they belong to and obey unconditionally instinctively authorities.
After studying the mechanisms of handling both at the individual level and at the level of large groups of people, the results showed that the influence of three main components: behavior modification, group integration and inducing a sense of obedience to authority.
An individual’s identity is formed by the interweaving of thought harmonious feelings and actions.
The individual can handle only minor discrepancies between the three components of his identity. When there is a major discrepancy, the man has a very strong feeling of discomfort, which is cognitive dissonance. If someone is induced to change one of the three components of its identity (thinking, behavior, feelings), he will instinctively change the other two, to not be physically uncomfortable garment.
The rapid process of influencing craftsmen deliberately handling causes cognitive dissonance. To acquire (understand) the very basis of dissonance to make an analysis of the three pillars on which is based on the individual total control: behavior control, thought control and emotional control.

Controlling behavior is determined by controlling the physical reality in which the individual lives. In handling this idea artisans are considering the individual type of housing, food, how he dresses, the type of work they perform, rituals and habits meant to ensure group cohesion to submerge the individual in anonymity and make him reflexively to obey the authorities and their rules. Leaders know they can not command the hidden thoughts of individuals. But they know very well how to order them for thinking and behavior to conform to the emotions of its own.

Control involves indoctrinating individuals thinking so deeply that they unconditionally accept the ideology of the group to adopt new language naturally and to form “disturbing thought.” To become a “good” member of that social group, the individual gets to handle their own thinking alone.
Thinking can be controlled by controlling language. Most situations will require complex analysis to be used to understand the essence of humanity are condensed, labeled and reduced to many verbal modes, which entail the creation of forms of thinking.
Another important component is thought to control the formation of the individual’s mental reflexes to reject any thought that ideology should be agreed.
Creating mental reflexes is to bring individuals in a position to reject the idea of any system is in contradiction with the doctrine, any criticism or group leaders.

Control of individual feelings and emotions lies in the manipulation to restrict as much as possible the look and emotional guilt and fear are two indispensable tools to keep people under control.
Guilt manipulation gives the best results for individual integration of immigrants into society, to his immersion in anonymity, but also to induce unconditional obedience to authority.


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