Jaguar C-X75 Turbo Hybrid:

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Seventieth birthday Jaguar cars of the same name company decided to mention being a stunning car. The new owner, India’s Tata, wants to demonstrate that I was able to preserve the spirit of well-known brand, founded its founder Sir William Lyons. Of course, a passion for speed is the main theme of the developers of fresh Jaguar – but even this shows a conceptual C-X75, presented at the Salon in Paris. But it’s not so much in the feelings and style: this concept gives to the same original hybrid power train that combines electric motors and gas turbines. Jaguar confirms that the speed and grandeur of a very well mixed with concern for the environment.
 However, not so often spoils the public Jaguar cars concept-penalties.
Hence until this fall was the final C-XF in 2007. Perhaps He vividly embodies a descent in 2 serial model: beautiful small-sized (by the standards of Jaguar) XF, made its debut through a few months and has received volumes of the concept and the very idea, and elegant flagship brand XJ (debut in 2009), to whom inherited the distinctive headlights. Furthermore And now – just a triumph: C-X75, made to commemorate the birthday.
 It seemed company Swallow Sidecar, begins with the production of biker carriages in the late 20 of the last century broke on outsiders body assembly chassis, and then – and their own machines. And of course in 1935, she appeared a model implementedname Jaguar. However, this title is as follows reflects the thoughts nimble and elegant cars that the company itself just had to accept it. In any case, this helped not at all a pleasant coincidence. Perhaps since 1934, the official title of the company was incomplete, SS cars – so “hidden” reference to the bikers’ wheelchairs, and the letters SS were used in the model designation. And here in Germany in those years, these letters made use of a completely different organization with correspondence way too little anyone could please – and in 1945 the British company acquired its own name the most successful models. Finally, it is how the Jaguar Cars Ltd. It seems that in 1945, she regained a one-time creation of cars, interrupted by the war in the forties.
 I hope for the outline of the C-X75 as it follows clearly that the artists were inspired by historical models. Thus, direct ancestors of the hybrid concept, Ian Callum, Design Director for Jaguar, XJ13 calls in 1966, intended for racing at Le Mans. So, sure, this is also faster than the concept or design, he never took part in the competitions. But intended for his V-shaped 12-cylinder engine was the basis for the production of engines known Jaguar E-type. By the way, Callum calls XJ13 “most attractive Jaguar”. Perhaps, so it is not very powerful, that there is inside.

 Probably the first turbo-electric but C-X75 is a boast than to share content. They say it’s a Jaguar with a hybrid drive, submitted by the public. In the end, in early 2010 the company erected a model of a hybrid car based on XJ named Limo Green, although its key purpose was supposedly test drive, rather than presentation of the latest style, and its no one put. C-X75 develops the idea of a hybrid – as should the elegant sports car. In general, He outright four electric motors, each of which develops power of 195 liters with … – Total 780! And these cars are absolutely suitable informal, although fully recognized stereotypes super car: the maximum speed of 330 km / h (205 miles per hour), and dispersal to weave for 3,4 seconds. Probably Round Table miles per hour (160 kph) as it gathers for its point of view round 5,5 seconds.
 Fortunately, Well, the dynamics of electric-drive is now one tiny surprise: good acceleration, we see including the trolley … just speed in his other appearances, and not so encouraging. In fact, electric motor is almost an exemplary response, he develops very highest torque at low revs episode. For example, a 4 engine C-X75 1600 NM are doing. And apparently for petrol cars and super sto0 – a good effect. Therefore, the actuator does not have a need in the box and provides a model dispersal. I really electric other difficulties: the battery is currently too considerable and languorous. Apparently this dilemma and decide by a hybrid drive. Moreover Only promising hybrids, in distinction from the more closely we are popular Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and others, not the electric motor can help ordinary motor and internal combustion engine used to recharge the batteries. It is so manufactured and C-X75. But this since Jaguar – and instead of the usual small gasoline or diesel engine there are two gas turbines!
 On the other hand compact and not heavy (just under 35 kg) units of Bladon Jets to spin up to 80,000 revolutions per minute and delivers power to 94 liters with … any. In short, they work only on battery power, and they do not have to virtually any transmissions. On the contrary I have turbines as well as one other advantage: the fuel is burnt in an appropriate mode, and may do in the absence of any catalytic converters. It turned out that stocks of gasoline to 60 liters. enough, that car had a chance to go up to 900 km! On pure electric drive C-X75 is able to resolve 110 km, which still is good. Well, in principle, but may leave: wound per day own 50-100 km, per night and the battery from the mains (to achieve the desired result missing 6 hours), and again forward. And now Well if must move far away, then can fill the tank. Naturally, in a suburban route the exhaust gases is not as bad as in town. But suddenly turbines are superior: they throw no more than 28 grams of carbon dioxide per hundred kilometers. So is four times less than the motor super economical city car.  In essence And it’s obviously not so well: Jaguar closer notification to the plan to release to market a hybrid car in 2011. And yet, so that C-X75, it is likely many times closer to mass production than is possible to estimate. Sure Shortly before the opening of the Paris Motor Show, where he was presented this concept, Tata bought a package promotions producer turbine of Bladon Jets. Consequently, of course, the turbine is excellent look at the heap. But the hybrid version of flagship Jaguar XJ their whistles will be absolutely relevant. And really like silent electric drive.
 Anyway no current
unit to ensure ecology and economy of one drive is incredible. You see And if the question of speed, relevance is not so much horsepower and newton-meters. At least, and here is the way sports skill Jaguar. Everything turns out to be in motion: aluminum and carbon fiber lower the weight of the body, whose shape is licked for the least anti-air. Nevertheless, at speeds under 300 mph solely on aerodynamic counter to spend up to 300 liters with …! By the way, here a little bit can help release turbines: the flow of exhaust gases out a one-time over mixer, reinforcing the result of the Venture, thanks Whom accelerating air createslow pressure under the body and pressed power.
C-X75 – sparkling example of what true love does not harm the car care about clean air. Actually a good car is almost always absolute in all respects. And in fact a perfect look so plausible, that leaves no one indifferent. Incidentally as Jaguar C-X75.


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