Correcting a Golf Slice

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Slicing the ball is a widespread issue among golfers. A slice is when the ball travels from one direction to the other [depending on the left or right-handedness of the golfer], typically not in the direction you want it to go. This contrariness of the ball not to go straight toward the hole is the bane of the golfing world.

Correcting a golf slice isn’t tough, but may well call for plenty of practice, patience and much more practice.

There are 3 methods to correct a slice. Hire a golf instructor, purchase some DIY books and/or grab a golfing buddy to follow you around the fairways and tell you what you’re performing wrong.

In the meantime, practice these straightforward guidelines within the backyard or out on the course.

1. Line your feet up correctly – square yourself up with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and the golf ball about half way between them

2. Point your leading shoulder inside the direction of the hole. Wherever your shoulder points is where the ball will go

three. Maintain your swing even and relaxed, knees slightly bent. Don’t try to hit the golf ball too tough, jab at it or over-correct

4. Head needs to be down and eyes fixed on the ball. Don’t look to see where the ball is going, your aim must already be lined up together with your body positioning. Lifting your head will destroy your aim

5. Always bear in mind to follow through. When the ball is hit as well as the club is over your head, then it is possible to look up

Afterward, do not forget to shout your golf buddy some liquid refreshment at the clubhouse. Crucial suggestions could be traded and your golf slice discussed with all of the minutiae a relaxing cold drink permits.

You need more Tips? Take a look at my Golfing Tips Blog, I’m sure you will find what you’re searching for.



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