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Wine Accessories

Eulogy for the Wine Glass Charms of Yesterday

Wine charms, wine charms, oh what a mess;
You reach to untangle them and feel the stress:
Your guests have arrived and wine has been poured,
but there’s wine charm chaos cluttering your drawer.

Wine charms, wine charms, I once had befriended,
but my guests lose track and now I must end it.
I’m stuck in the kitchen rewashing glasses
because orphaned wine collects and amasses.

Glass charms, wood charms, you once were called clever,
but you are tedious now and I’m ready to sever.
You’ve clogged my drain and jammed my disposal
and as cute as you were, there’s a better proposal:

A non toxic marker in purple and green
(ooh, the color of grapes) that’s come on to the scene.
Shake, write, and wait –30 seconds or so–
with your name on the glass, you’re ready to go.

As wine accessories go, there’s no more confusion;
this wine glass marker is the final solution.
Wine charm identity is a thing of the past,
for now all my guests have their names on their glass!

That is, until the party has ended
(and the thought of bed is sounding quite splendid).
I just run the glasses briefly under the tap
and then I commence my eight hour nap.

A wine gift for you or a wine gift for friends-
just writing a name is not where the fun ends.
Create some cool art— serious or silly
or if you prefer, just “Hello, my name’s Milly”.

Drink to your health or drink to your mother,
but don’t let your glass end up with another.
Wine charms, wine charms, you’re a craze of the past
and my new Wine Glass Writer just waits for its glass.


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