Sea Hunt: Strange Salvage

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Sea Hunt: Strange Salvage aired partway through this underwater adventure series’ second season.  The action began in the teaser when a couple of divers find the Seawind, a sunken ship in which the wealthy owner died in the sinking.  When the divers surfaced, they find that their small boat had been sunk, leaving them helpless and to die in the middle of the ocean.  Over the next period of time, jewelry belonging to the boat owner began showing up in pawn shops.

This is when Lloyd Bridges’ character of deep sea diving expert Mike Nelson is called in to locate the yacht himself.  It really didn’t take long for him to figure it out.

Ken Drake guest starred as Louis Martin.  Drake was practically a regular on this show.  He acted in numerous episodes, playing all kinds of characters.  In truth, they were able to alter his appearance quite well.  He just has one of those faces that blends in and can be shaped.  Here, he’s the owner of an aqua air shop on the beach.  The thing about watching Drake is that he’s the bad guy as often as he’s the good guy, so just seeing him doesn’t clue you in as to what his character will be.

This episode included some location shooting at Marineland of the Pacific.  They interrupted dialog at one point so that Nelson could watch a dolphin jump high out of the water.  It got even cuter when a dolphin called to him.  Nelson plays with him and feeds him something.  That was worth the entire half hour episode.
There’s a ton of underwater action, which is how I like it.  There wasn’t much sea life, but the dolphin mentioned above made it all worthwhile.


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